Azerbaijani educational and consulting center of Open education at IAPM established in Baku at  "Tafakkur" University in 2001.

The main task of IAPM educational-consulting center is to prepare highly qualified specialists for national economy of Azerbaijan. Furthermore, effective cooperation with "Tafakkur" allows students and teachers of Azerbaijan and Ukraine to share their knowledge, experience and achievements.

Students of the Azerbaijani ECOEare enrolled in the program that includes the best high schoolachievements of both countries. "Tafakkur" University has an excellent facility. It is equipped with all necessary resources: laboratory, computer room, language laboratories, library with a reading room, student dining. "Tafakkur" has its own printing house, publishing center, that allows to acquaint the students and the public with research works of the University more quickly.

Best teachers, professor, members of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan are involved in training and counseling of students at IAPM Azerbaijan Center.

Students of Azerbaijan IAPM ECOE can choose from next specialties: "Construction Management", "Translation", "Social pedagogy", "Politology", "Psychology", "International Economics and Finance" and receive education and qualification of bachelor level.

Our address: Tabriz str., 19, Baku, Azerbaijan, 370008

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