Balkan Center of Open Education (BCOE) was established on the basis of International Academy of Arts (Sofia) in 2007. The Center provides the opportunity to receive higher education at IAPM, educational and qualification levels "Bachelor" and "Master", for citizens of Bulgaria and the entire Balkan region.

One of the main tasks of the Center is the organization of self-education, improvement the educational level and obtaining the second degree in "Jurisprudence", "Management", "Accounting and Audit," "Management of foreign economic activity."

Balkan Center of Open Education is headed by Academician Doctor of Jurisprudence, Professor I.V. Iliev. The Center maintains a fruitful international cooperation in science and education with countries: Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, etc.

Education is provided by highly qualified teachers, professors and doctors with many years of teaching experience at universities in Bulgaria and abroad. In particular, Professor P.I. Naidenov has 40 years of teaching experience in universities in Europe, Africa and Bulgaria, he speaks several European languages fluently. Professor G.F. Tsenkov has published psychology books, in accordance with the curriculum of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. Teachers of the Center consult students, using modern techniques, visual learning tools, and providing students with the most modern scientific literature. Balkan Center has a library fund, which can always be a good advantage for the students.

The combined efforts of highly qualified teachers and motivated students give positive results – graduates of the Balkan center of open education receive a state diploma and a certificate issued in accordance with international legal standards, recognized at the international level - Lisbon Convention of 1997, ratified by law, adopted by Bulgarian National Assembly 15.03.2000; agreement between Bulgaria and Ukraine, signed on 27.06.2001; Treaty on legal assistance between Bulgaria and Ukraine, ratified by law, accepted 04.11.2004, entered into force on 29.12.2005 –  Article 17.

Balkan Center of Open Education is an opportunity to get a quality education and modern way to a successful career for active and progressive individuals.

Address of Balkan COE

Akademician, Professior Iliev Ilia Vasilevich
“Prof. D-R Aleksandar Stanishev” str..do bl.021
Sofia-1336, Bulgaria

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