Lodz educational and consulting center of open education at IAPM was established on the basis of the European Academy of Integrative Psychology (EAIP) in Lodz - the organizer and trustee of seven schools in the biggest cities of Poland - Lodz,  Warsaw, Poznań, Tychy, Gdansk, Szczecin and Wroclaw, providing tertiary education to students in specialties "Psychology" and "Sociology". 

Educational process is provided by university professors: Institute of Economics and Culture in Moscow, Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Psychology in Moscow, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management in Kiev. Polish students have the opportunity to receive an education in a prestigious university without leaving the country. 

EAIP constantly cooperates with the Polish Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists, which unites the independent psychologists-practitioners and attracts them for conduction of test and examination sessions of Lodz ECCOE at IAPM. It also helps young graduates in finding employment. Together with Association of Lodz, the Center at IAPM organizes national scientific conferences, in which students can participate free of charge, can get acquainted with new topics and research achievements in the field of psychology. 

European Academy of Integrative Psychology is the publisher of the quarterly magazine "Forum Psychologiczne", which contains information about the biggest achievements of modern psychology, as well as materials about the possibility of obtaining higher education in the IAPM.

The magazine that is published by EAIP is a tool of protection of graduates interests, it’s aimed against the monopolists trying to limit young peoples' access to the profession. 

Lodz ECCOE at IAPM based on European Academy of Integrative Psychology is the path to freedom and independence. It is the possibility of development and education for all who aspire to success.

The coordinates of Lodz ECCOE IAPM

The European Academy of Integrative Psychology

Senkevich str., 46

(Tadeusz Kosciuszko III LO)

Lodz, Poland


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