In March 2012, with the support of the Association "Young Ukraine", whose main purpose is to protect the rights and interests of Ukranian immigrants in Spain, with the IAPM management, decided to create IAPM Educational and consulting center of Open education with distance learning in Madrid. The Center is based on Ukrainian schools “Our future”. The head of new division of the Academy is Svetlana Kmetyk. 

Already in July 2012 the Center received its first students, there were formed several groups and valuable constituent session was held. The center was developing successfully - the number of students has doubled in two years. The Center plans to involve applicants who graduated from Ukrainian schools in different cities of Spain. After all, the goal of the Centre is the consistent social policy of the state in relation to labour migrants - this goal is the ability to provide education to the children of Ukrainian families, which were forced to leave abroad because of difficult economic conditions prevailing in the Ukraine, particularly in Spain . Thus, the Ukrainian children either do not know language for learning in Spanish universities, or don’t have money (education in Spain isn’t cheap). Now they have the opportunity to receive Ukrainian education and therefore will have the opportunity to return to the Motherland, if the economic situation will allow (according to statistics, the majority of labour migrants are intending to return to Ukraine). 

Educational, methodical, scientific process in Madrid ECCOE at IAPM is provided by highly professional specialists. Much attention is paid to the formation of high civic position of the future specialist, conscious citizen of Ukraine. Educational process is carried out in accordance with the concept of educational work and IAPM code of conduct.

Training is conducted by educational levels: bachelor, specialist, master. There are sets of disciplines such as: Management and Administration, International Relations, Economics and Entrepreneurship. List of specialties will expand. 

Graduates of the International Ukrainian School, which has offices in Spain, who intend to get  higher education, university graduates, who wish to obtain a second degree at prestigious university, are invited in Madrid ECCOE at IAPM. 

Everyone who completes the Madrid ECCOE at IAPM,  receive two diplomas - the state standard diploma of Ukraine issued in accordance with the requirements of international legal norms and the certificate in English, that provides ability to get a job or continue education in many countries of the world. 

For all who want to learn more about the Madrid Training and Consultation Centre of Open Education at IAPM a separate site of the Center is created. It has a link to the main website of the Academy. Website address: maup.es

We invite you to Madrid in address:

Madrid's training and consulting center of open education, Plaza Venecia, 1, 28028, Espana, Madrid.

Contact phone: +34 678762308; +34 647191705;

E-mail: nashemaybutne@mail.ru

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