Moldavian educational and consulting center of Open education at IAPM was established in 1999 on the basis of the college "International Business School" in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova).

The  Moldavian ECCOE provides an opportunity for students of International Business School to continue their education on educational-qualifying levels "bachelor", "specialist", "master", by selecting the specialization in fields of "Management", "Economy and Entrepreneurship", "Psychology", "Sociology", "Politology", "Philology", "Jurisprudence".

In addition, graduates of secondary schools, vocational schools, technical colleges of the Republic of Moldova, who wish to pursue higher education, graduates of universities and higher education institutions who want to obtain a second higher education at prestigious university are invited to become students of the Moldovan ECCOE at IAPM on the educational qualification levels "Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master", depending on basic education of students.

In the Moldovan ECCOE the most effective and modern methods of gaining knowledge on distance learning are implemented. The learning process includes lectures, practical and seminar classes. They are conducted by highly qualified teachers, Candidates and Doctors of Science, constituting 2/3 of the teaching staff of the Center. 

Not only professional, but also scientific and general cultural training of the students have very high level. Interregional Academy of Personnel Management provides students in Moldova with methodical and educational literature, periodicals containing articles on topical issues of management, economics, politics, psychology, sociology, etc.

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Negrutsy str., 14b

Tiraspol, Transnistria, 3300

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