Prague educational and consulting center of open education IAPM was established in 2003 on the basis of Open European Academy of Economics and Policy, which goals and objectives in Czech Republic are:

- Teaching russian-speaking youth in Czech Republic on the curriculum of CIS universities;

- Introduction of "sandwich-programs" that allow students to take 1 or 2 semesters abroad (joint program OEAEP and Institute of International Relations and Public Relations in Prague);

- Employment of students of part-time courses in Czech Republic;

- Providing students with practice base and internships;

- Development of distance education in Czech Republic and Europe;

- Creation of remote training programs for residents of Czech Republic using the latest distance learning systems and their introduction in the European market;

- Increasing of student and academic mobility. 

The impetus for the beginning of development of this concept was the dynamic development of distance learning, process of enlargement of European Communities, merging of borders, increasing number of young people from  CIS countries in Czech Republic and also active reforms of the education system. 

Prague educational and consulting center of Open education at IAPM has a high creative potential of qualified and prospective employees.

The teaching staff includes 6%  Doctors of Science, 40% PhDs, 6% Professors, 14% Associate Professors. 

Qualitative selection of the teaching staff and non-staff employees with obligatory annual developing of their skills, personal communication with the students, as well as regular lectures by experts in various fields of knowledge, discussion clubs, participation in election campaigns; events are major advantages in the market of educational services in Czech Republic.

Prague ECCOE at IAPM today has students of educational qualification of Bachelor and Specialist, they have a wide range of specialties in directions: "Management", "Economics and Entrepreneurship", "Sociology", "Politology", "Philology", "Psychology".


Frantiska Krizka 362/1

170 00 Praha 7

Ceska Republika

Tel.: (4202) 262-08-030

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