Tiraspol branch in Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) is one of the leading foreign subdivisions of IAPM, created in 2000. It operates on the basis of Tiraspol College of Business and Service. The educational process at the branch provide 87 teachers, 60% of whom have academic degrees and titles. There are representatives of Transnistria and Odessa State University, Slavic and Technical University in Chisinau, scientists of Academy of Sciences of Moldova among them. These are our PhDs and Professors: V.M. Chuguenko, V.I. Protsenko, L.G. Senakosova, A.Z. Chariton, V.V. Protsenko, V.P. Valeyko, V.P. Ignatiev, V.M. Direktorenko, S.I. Lebedev; Associate professors: S.V. Sitnik, V.A. Serbul, N.V. Shchukina, E.I. Peykova, V.G. Fomenko, T.D. Bordia, V.V. Khoteyev; Senior teachers: V.G. Kravtsunenko, L.I. Murzicheva, E.P. Reshitko, N.T. Turkulets etc.

Along with teachers-theorists and lectures, seminars and work of State Examination Commission are conducted by skilled production workers, managers, economists, bankers, lawyers. Those who shares their knowledge with the students: Deputy of Supreme Soviet of PMR, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic policy, Budget and Finance, Candidate of Economic Science N.P. Burla; General Director of holding "Ferber Holding Ltd", Professor A.N. Vengerenko; President of the Commercial and Industrial firm "Intercenter Suite", Ph.D., Professor A.I. Dzernovich; General Director of JSC "Electromash", Doctor of Economics, Professor F.S. Kreichman; Chairman of the Transnistrian Savings Bank, Ph.D., Associate Professor Y.S Tverdohleb; Vice Rector for Financial Affairs and Development of Shevchenko PSU, Ph.D., Associate Professor Y.M. Safronov and others.

An integral part of the educational process and training of specialists is the scientific work.  It is carried out by Department of management, Finance, Accounting and Auditing and Civil-Legal Disciplines.

Teachers and students of the branch are regular participants of the global, international and regional scientific-practical conferences held in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Transnistria. 

There are more than 1000 students, who study in three educational qualification levels (Bachelor, Specialist, Master); three directions - "Management", "Economics and Entrepreneurship", "Specific categories" and six specialties - "Management" (specialization: "Economics and Business Management", "Trade Management", "Management of public catering"), "Management of foreign trade Activities", "Personnel Management and Labour Economics" (specialization: "Economics and Personnel Management" ), "Accounting and Auditing" (specialty: "Accounting and Auditing"), "Marketing" (specialization: "International Business and Marketing") "Management of educational institution" (specialty: "Management of educational institution"). 

Students have access to the Yaroslav Mudruy international Library and Information center, which engages an informational support of students and faculty members, including means of local computer networks and Internet, two computer labs, library with modern literature, reading room and sports halls, health center, student cafe, etc.

Anyone who wants to get knowledge, as well as the state diploma of Ukraine on higher education in compliance with international legal norms, can come to Tiraspol.

Our adress:

Engels Lane, 6,

Tiraspol, Transnistria, 3300

Phone: (373533) 9-24-48

E-mail: tfmaup@idknet.com

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