Ural-Siberian representation

Ural-Siberian representation (USR) of IAPM was founded in early 2003 in famous northern city of oil and gas workers Novy Urengoi, which is located on the Yamal Peninsula. The basic organization for this educational subdivision of IAPM is Ukrainian cultural and business center (UCBC) "Novy Urengoy".

Management of the representative office directs all activity on attracting Ukrainian people, who live and work in the North for obtaining higher education. Mostly, these are young people who are later going to come back to Ukraine. After completion of education graduates receive a state diploma of Ukraine issued in accordance with international legal norms. Deep knowledge, which is gained in USR, will serve as a great help in finding employment in future career building. Of course, we in USR glad to see students not only an immigrants from Ukraine, but also all people, who wish to receive a quality higher education.

Teaching staff of representation are experienced professionals, teachers of the eight branches of Russian universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Tobolsk and Tomsk.

Today in USR students learn on educational-qualifying levels "Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master" in directions "Management", "Economics and Entrepreneurship", "Sociology", "Politology", "Psychology", "Jurisprudence".

To expand the student contingent of Ural-Siberian representation of IAPM  divisions of USR in other cities of the Yamal Peninsula were organized (for example, in the city of Gubkinskiy, Noyabrsk) with the participation (UCBC) "Novy Urengoy".

Welcome to IAPM in the North!


Novy Urengoy

Vostochnuy distr., 2/3, k.601-in,

Novy Urengoy, Tyumen region, Yamalo-Russia, 629300

Tel.: (34942) 2-44-28

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