Armenian educational and consulting center of open education at IAPM was created in 2004, by the efforts of the international department of IAPM and Yerevan University of management and development of education.

Originally intended cooperation between the two universities in the area of ​​techniques of higher education and science. The task was to spread training methods of the Academy in Armenia.

But soon the Yerevan University of management and development of education has proposed joint training of students in the field of management, economics and entrepreneurship, teacher education (pedagogy and psychology, foreign languages, law, physical culture and sport, tourism). It formed the idea of ​​creating a special Training and Consulting Center of Open Education at IAPM, which would regulate the relations not only between the Academy and Yerevan University, but also with other universities in Armenia and with the universities of neighboring countries.

It took a lot of months to spread the idea of free education among the region population. In the initial period there were only fifteen students in Armenian ECCOE, but a year later their number increased sharply, reaching forty two. Currently, IAPM enrolls more than fifty students from Armenia, Georgia and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Experienced teachers, doctors and candidates of Sciences are working in Armenian ECCOE. Many of them speak several languages, which allows to teach students not only from countries of the former Soviet Union, but also from the Middle East. In the near future it is planned to strengthen the center, attracting students from Turkey and Arab countries.


Koryun str., 5/25
Yerevan, 009,
Tel./Fax: 52-30-44.

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