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MBA program "Best practices" (Business Administration, Administrative Management, Information Management)

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 You are a modern businessman, living in furious pace? Do you feel that sometimes you don't have time for yourself or for self-education?

What to do? How to improve yourselves, to advance your careers and be more successful, and still to have enough free time for family, friends, leisure, sports?

There is a solution! 

We offer modern education for business people and we invite you to study in MBA (Master of Business Administration).

The program is designed to prepare highly qualified management personnel in accordance with international educational standards based on the experience of foreign business schools and traditions of Ukrainian education. The program Higher School of Management is accredited by SIC (System of International Certification) in the UK according to the "Principles of European standard MBA" and the Association of Management Development in Central and Eastern Europe.

MBA program "Best Practice" consists of 9 modules. Duration - 19 months, the intensity of training - 1 week per 2 months:

Module 1. Career-coaching

Module 2. Managerial economics

Module 3. Strategic management and managerial information systems

Module 4. Management of human potential

Module 5. Management of marketing and sales

Module 6. Financial management

Module 7. Operational management and quality management

Module 8. Leadership in the organization

Module 9. Business security and legal support

"Mini-MBA" consists of 4 modules. Duration -12 months, the intensity of training - one week per month.

Company owners, top managers and business coaches of well-known companies will share the secrets of their own success. Graduates of MBA programs have the opportunity to undergo training in countries with high levels of production and competitiveness (Great Britain, Poland, Russia and China) as well as in successful IT companies in Ukraine.

Convenient schedule allows you to visit the training program virtually without interruption in business, and a comfortable atmosphere in Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM), where classes take place.

Our students receive the following benefits: 
  • Modern knowledge, that is necessary for the further career development;
  • Diploma of SIC (System of International Certification), United Kingdom confirmes the international professional qualifications;
  • Masters' diploma of the state sample on the specialty "Administrative Management";
  • International MBA IAPM and a state sample certificate of improvement of professional skills;
  • Unique connections with business and scientific elite during classes and business forums in the MBA program.

Classes are held once a week every two months from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 19.00 by modules.

Tuition — 54,000.00 USD only. The cost of one module - 6,000.00 USD.With the flexible system of discounts.

Conditions of admission in the MBA program:
  • Experience in management or business minimum 2 years;
  • Diploma of Higher education and the Diploma supplement;
  • Professional resume;
  • Autobiography;
  • Photo – 4 (3x4);
  • Copies of Ukrainian and foreign passports;
  • Application form (issued);
  • Interview.

For enrollment please contact:

03039, Kyiv, Frometivska str., 2, IAPM

MBA - program

Tel.: (044) 524-57-96


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