Educational-Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences

інститут міжнародних відносин та лінгвістики

Educational-Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences has been operating in the educational services market since 2000.

The institute is headed by Bidzura Ivan Pavlovich - doctor of political sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, Academy of Social Technologies and Local Self-Government, Ukrainian Academy of Political Sciences, Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine, social scientist and teacher of higher education, civil servant and people's diplomat . The author of more than 200 scientific works in the field of agriculture, public administration and public administration, political science, sociology and social work.

The Institute trains specialists in the first (on the basis of a full secondary education and a junior specialist (adjacent and non-adjacent specialty), the second (on the basis of a bachelor (adjacent and non-adjacent specialty) educational levels.

For those wishing to study at the third (educational-scientific) level, postgraduate and doctoral studies function in the specialties "Psychology", "Public Administration and Administration", "Public Administration", "Vocational Education (by specialties)".

More than 1,000 students receive higher education each year in the Institute, including from Azerbaijan, Iran, Cameroon, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Georgia, Cyprus, Belarus, etc.

Training is carried out by full-time, part-time and distance forms.

Graduates of the Institute can engage in the following activities: scientific-analytical, prognostic, advisory work in the field of international relations; public administration and administration; social sphere; in the health care system; to participate in negotiations and diplomatic talks; deal with the processing of international information; research and development in the field of humanities and social sciences; market research and public opinion research; advisory and executive activities in the ministries of Ukraine, international organizations, party bodies, state departments and institutions, self-governing bodies, private structures, public organizations; planning and conducting advertising campaigns; representation in state structures and public relations; public activities in the field of recreation and entertainment, culture and sports; translation and interpretation; editing sites, advertising, social and media projects, provide educational philological services. They go on an independent life with highly qualified specialists. We are sure that they will all work well, asserting themselves and our country. New principles of teaching, the use of new methods and active forms, the acquisition of appropriate professional training and familiarity with the modern world practice of working with people are the components that help our students to walk confidently in a complex social life.

The student life is also multifaceted. In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" from 01.07.2014 №1556-VII (section VII, article 40), student self-government operates in the institute. Students take a direct part in the management of the educational institution, the protection of the rights and interests of students, the solution of questions of education, life, leisure. They are active participants in sports events, art studios, various art competitions, regularly attend theaters, art workshops, exhibitions. Students have the opportunity to realize themselves in 22 sports sections. The competitions of the author's song, "Miss MAUP" and "Mr. MAUP", the celebration of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Day of the Student, New Year, competitions in chess, volleyball, basketball, mini-football, aerobics, etc. have already become traditional.

The Scientific and Pedagogical Team of the Institute carries out research activities aimed at developing and solving both internal and modern international problems of Ukraine's development, outside of which there are no students of the Institute either. Together with their mentors, they organize conferences, seminars, roundtables, attend lectures in which the guests of the Institute - famous scientists of Ukraine and other countries of the world take part.

In the structure of the educational and scientific institute of international relations and social sciences there are 10 departments, including 8 graduates.

The teaching staff of the departments today is a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical team able to provide quality training for applicants for higher education and to provide educational and research work at the modern level. Students have the opportunity to communicate with experienced teachers, famous scientists.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the departments is the guarantee of a worthy professional level and the vitrification of our graduates on the labor market.

The Departments of the Institute pay special attention to the study of innovative disciplines aimed at increasing the competency level and motivating students to learn, self-determine and improve themselves. All this contributes to improving the efficiency and quality of training.

Teachers of the departments of the institute raise their qualifications in the form of internships and training in domestic and foreign institutions of higher education; use modern forms and methods of interactive training (trainings, business and role plays, discussions, round tables) in the educational process, which contributes to the activation of independent mental activity of future specialists, the formation of their organizational and communicative abilities, competence skills and abilities. They are used in educational process and modern technical means, innovative and computer technologies.

Scientific and pedagogical workers of the Institute are constantly working to improve the educational and methodological support of the educational process. Together with the institute, the Academy annually presents more than 150 new titles of scientific, practical and scientific-methodological developments. The total annual pedagogical resource of the teaching time of the departments is more than 40 thousand hours.

Educational plans for training specialists combine fundamental disciplines with practical training, which allows you to prepare professionals of high competence. The students of the Institute adapt their theoretical knowledge, skills of analytical work and applied researches during the passage of educational, industrial, pre-diploma, assistant, industrial-trainee, diploma, research and pedagogical practices.

Training of specialists in the Institute is carried out by scientific and pedagogical staff of the departments:


Field of knowledge


International relations and public communications

05 Social and Behavioral Sciences

055 International relations, public communications and regional studios


International relations and diplomacy (European Union countries)

International Relations and Diplomacy (Middle East Countries)

Professional education and management of educational institutions

1801 Specific categories


01 Education

8.18010020 Educational management


015 Career based / Vocational

(By specialization)


Educational management

Management in Education: management of the educational process in higher education

Management in education: management of social work

Management in Education: management of the educational process in higher education (English, Second Language)

Foreign languages, theory and practice of translation

03 The humanities

035 Philology


Translation English (the second language is French)

Translation English (the second language is German)

Tourist Organization

24 Service sector

07 Management and Administration

242 Tourism


international tourism

Organization of tourist activity

Medical tourism

International tourism and translation

073 Management

Specialization: Tourism and hotel business management

Sociology and Social Work

23 The Social Robot










05 Social and Behavioral Sciences

05 Social and Behavioral Sciences

231 Social work


Socio-legal work

Social work in international organizations

Management of social projects


054 Sociology


Sociology of Management and Public Relations

Sociology of Public Administration and Local Self-Government

Socio-psychological counseling

Media Communications and Public Relations

Monitoring and analysis of sociological information



05 Social and Behavioral Sciences

053 Psychology


medical psychology

Practical psychology Military psychology

Psychology of Public Administration

Psychology of profiling

marine psychology

Philosophy and Political Science

05 Social and Behavioral Sciences

052 Political Science


Political Science of International Relations

Political Management and Public Administration

Political Marketing and Public Relations

Public Administration

28 Public administration and administration

281 Public administration and administration


public service

Ukrainian Orthodoxy and Theology

Is not issuing

Philology and Ukrainian Studies

Is not issuing


The Institute has the following structural units:

  • Center for the organization of training of reserve officers and military records. Students who have completed a full course in the training of reserve officers and are certified as officers are given the military rank of "junior lieutenant" of the reserve.
  • Center for Practical Psychology
  • Translation Center.
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