Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies


Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies (ICSIT) was established on Jan. 15, 2014 on the initiative of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

ICSIT — institution of new generation.It’s goal is training IT specialists of high qualification. The basis is the educational partnershipwith Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk. Implementation of goal involves completely new, improved and adjusted to the requirements of time training programs and licensed fields of study with the issuing the document about graduation of state standard and issuing international certificates (Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk).

European educational standards were combined with traditional educational technologies recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports and our partners: Microsoft, Cisco, Autodesk, which controlthe quality of educational services.

Institute’s administration creates innovative education and special environment that provides:
  • completely new educational content, which will prepare a competitive IT-specialists with appropriate mastery of skills;
  • comprehensive improvement of teacher’s professional skills with using of innovative and experimental training programs;
  • strengthening of the technical base through the acquisition of modern computer technics, equipment classrooms with modern means of training establishment of appropriate platforms for practical activity (Cisco laboratoryas an example);
  • Involving practitioners from IT-companies with international teaching certificates and providing practical works;
  • Encouraging students to study for further practice and employment in leading IT-companies of Ukraine and Europe.

The main objective of ICSIT is training of competitive specialists in IT sphere. Education here fully meets all modern requirements of the world's labor markets. 

Structure of the Institute:

Director of the Institute — Ryabtsev Vyacheslav Vitalievich.

Reception on private matters: Monday, Friday; 14.00 - 17.00.

Building 17, room 4a, tel.: 490-95-19,

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