Institute of Management and Health

Institute of Management and Health

Building 4. Tel.: (044) 490-95-25

Institute of Management and Health (IMH) — part of the IAPM Presidential University, the first educational institution that was established at the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (1993).

From 1993 to 2003 IMH was headed by:
  • Holovaty M.F.- Doctor of Political Science, Professor, Academician of IPA.
  • Grinyov V.B. - Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Engineering Science of Ukraine (1990-1993 - Deputy Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine).
  • Yushchenko V.A. - Honored Economist of Ukraine (President of Ukraine in 2006-2010, Prime Minister in 1999-2001).
  • Bebik V.M.- Doctor of Political Science, Professor.
  • Lodgers O.B., - Candidate of Pedagogical Science, Professor.
  • Drobnokhod M.I. - Doctor of Geological-mineralogical Science, Professor, President of the Academy of Science of higher school of Ukraine, Honored scientist of Ukraine, laureate of the National Prize of Ukraine in area of Science and Technology.
  • Hrynivetska N.M.- PhD in Business administration.
  • Myronchuk V.D. - Doctor of Historical Science, Professor.
  • From 2003 to 2007 IMB was headed by Doctor of Political Science, Professor Antonyuk O.V.

The Institute was the organizer of conferences: "Actual problems of formation of environmental management in Ukraine" (Kyiv, 2004); Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Conceptual bases of formation of management in Ukraine" (Pike, 2005); II International Conference "Problems of training of management professionals in context of educational reform in Ukraine" (Lviv, 2006); II All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Conceptual bases of formation of management in Ukraine" (Kyiv, 2007); Scientific-practical conference "Environmental management: current problems and perspectives" (Kyiv, 2007); IV Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Conceptual bases of formation of management in Ukraine" (Kyiv-Dubai 2012); III All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Conceptual bases of formation of management in Ukraine" (Kyiv, Istanbul 2010); V National Conference "Conceptual bases of formation of management in Ukraine" (Kyiv 2013). Twice a year the Institute conducts scientific conferences for masters and young scientists "Trends of management and administration".

Headship of the Institute

Director of the Institute - Baeva Elena Viktorovna, Doctor of Biological Science, Professor.

Tel.: 490-95-25 (int. 12-60)

e-mail:, site:

Graduated from Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University (1977), Cherkassy Institute of management, majoring in "Management", qualification "economist-manager" (2002), became Doctor of Science (1991) and Professor (1996). In 1997 under her leadership, the first time in Ukraine training in Management of companies and organizations in the health sector began. She is the member of the Editorial Board of journals "Personnel" and "Scientific works ofIAPM." Excellence in education of Ukraine (1999). Author of over 300 scientific works.

Deputy Director - Samoilenko Tatiana Valentinovna, PhD in Business administration (2000). Professor of IPA, Associate Professor of Business administration.

Tel.: 490-95-25 (int.: 12-64)

She graduated from Tarasa Shevchenko National University in Kyiv (Historical faculty) (1985), IAPM (Master administrative management) (2006).Excellence in education of Ukraine (2002). She got a gold medal of IPA "For merits in education" (2008.). She took part and winned (2001) in All-Ukrainian contest of educators "Education in Ukraine XXI century".

Dean: Semerey Zhanna Viktorovna.

She graduated from Korotchenko Institute of National Economy in Kyiv,majoring in "Labour Economics" (1985), Kyiv National Economic University, majoring in "Financial Management" (2002). Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (2005).Professor of IPA.Author of 12 scientific publications.Teaches disciplines: "Finance", "Money and Credit", "Finance Companies", "Financial Management".

Organizes educational process, monitors its progress and effectiveness. Supervises the execution of training plans and programs for professional training levels.

IMH Departments

Courses in IMH are provided by 65 teachers. 56 teachers have a degree of Doctor and Candidate of Science.

 Training of specialists in the Bogdan Khmelnytsky Institute of Management and Business is provided by Professors of departments:

Institute trainsprofessionals of levels bachelor, specialist, master; specialist training in directions and specializations:

I. "Management". Specialty "Management and administration"

  • Professional orientation/specialization:
  • Economics and Business administration
  • Management of tourism and hotel business
  • Transport Management and Logistics
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Management
  • Customs Management
  • Management of tourism industry
  • Quality Management
  • Building Management
  • Industrial Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Economics and management organizations

II. "Personnel management and Labour economics".

Professional orientation/specialization:

  • Economics and HR
  • Economics and HR in the medical and pharmaceutical institutions
  • International Economy and HR
  • Economics and HR in construction organizations
  • Economics and HR in the industry
  • Economics and HR in the environmental field

III. "Specific categories" (Master's Degree at the bachelor, specialist and master of other fields of study)


  • Administrative Management
  • Major: Business Administration

IV. "Service". Speciality "Tourism"

Professional orientation/specialization:

  • International tourism
  • Organization of tourism
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