Department of Management of Organizations

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Department of Management of Organizations was founded in 2002 as a result of division of the Department of Management. By 2007 it functioned as Department of Business Administration, and in September 2007was renamed to Department of Management organizations.

The Department is profiled in "Management", specialty "Management and administration", specializations: Economics and business management; Management of business; Management of tourism and hotel business; Economics and management organizations; Construction management; Industrial management of educational qualification "bachelor", "specialist", "master".

The purpose of the department: formation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of future specialists in organizational management and administration.

The main tasks of the Department: formation of students' ability to solve problems of building management organizations creatively; forming skills of performance of management functions; developimg the ability to make informed management decisions in various fields; achieving efficiency in implementing the goals of enterprises and their own aims.

Themes and areas of research:

  • "Development of the concept of training professionalmanagers in Ukraine"
  • "Problems of strategic management in Ukraine"

Head of Department — Professor Kurochenko Alexander Vasilievich.


Kurochenko O.V. graduated from the Moscow State University majoring in "Political Economy" (1967), Leningrad Polytechnic Institute majoring in "Economy, organization and planning of machine-building industry" (1969). Doctor of Economics (1988), Professor. Author of more than 130 publications. He worked as the head of Department of pace proportions structure of an economic complexin the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Taught in the higher educational institutions in USA, Britain, France and other countries.

Teaches subjects: "Introduction to Speciality", "Business management", "Management", "Methodology and organization of research in management."

Deputy Head of Department – Doctor of Economics, Professor of IPA Sladkevych Vladimir Petrovich.

Teaching staff: 1 Doctor of Economics, Professor; 4 PhD, Associate Professors; 3 teachers.

 Leading teachers of the department:

Sladkevych Vladimir Petrovich - Professor, Candidate of Economic Science, Professor of IPA. He graduated from the Lenin Military-Political Academy in 1992. Qualification "Economist", Candidate of Economic Science, Professor of IAPM.Teaches disciplines: "Management", "Motivation management", "Strategic management", "Business management".

Cherniavsky Anatoly Dmitrievich - Professor. He graduated from Odessa Institute of Engineering and Construction (1958), the Academy of Administration under the Cabinet of Ukraine, qualification "manager" (1986). Candidate of Economic Science, Professor of IAPM.Teaches subjects: "Crisis management", "Methods of analysis and planning in construction", "Organization of industrial enterprises", "Project management in construction".

Filippov Mikhail Ivanovich - Professor. He graduated from the Kyiv Institute of National Economy (1974) p. Candidate of Economic Science (1984), Professor of IAPM. Teaches disciplines: "Management", "Management of competitive organizations", "Economic efficiency of the organization".

Kurochenko Ekaterina - Senior Lecturer. She graduated from Kyiv National Economic University, majoring in "International Economics" (2001). Teaches disciplines: "Management", "Business management", "Business training", "Basics of business planning".

Berestechko Larissa Matveyevna - Associate Professor. She graduated from Tarasa Shevchenko National University in Kyiv (1971). Trained at the Carl Duisberg Foundation (Germany), Master of Business Training (1998).Teaches subjects: "The entrepreneurial activity", "Business management", "Business training".

Levchenko Nikolai Alexeevich - Professor. He graduated from the Gomel Cooperative Institute in 1993, majoring in "Economics and management in trade and catering," National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (master - in 2002, graduated in 2006).

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