Department of HR and Labour economics

Building 4, room 18, tel.: 490-95-25, 12-76

The Department is profiling in training in majors:
  • specialty "Personnel management and Labor economics"
  • specialization: "Economics and Human Resources management", "International economics and Human Resources management", "Economics and Human Resources management in building organizations", "Economics and Human Resources management in the industry", "Economics and Human Resources management in the environmental field."

The objective: formation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of future specialists in personnel management, labour economics.

The department provides conducting all kinds of classes, independent work of students, methodological support, control of learning in educational disciplines: "Labour Economics and Labour Relations," "Labour Economics in the organization", "Research in Human Resource Management" "Productive Force", "Demographics", "Management of employment potential", "Human Resource Management", "Theory and practice of self-management", "Management of personnel development", "Strategic Management", "Management of personnel knowledge", "Rationing of Labour" "Labour market", "International Labor Market", "Personology", "Methods of decision management", "Organizational behavior", "Human development", "Marketing personnel", "Organization of managers work", "Organization of work", "Performance management","Professional orientation. Training", "Streamlining work processes","Ergonomics","Comprehensive qualification training","Human Resources, etc. 

Topics and research areas over the last 5 years

In 2011-2016 the Department employees work on 2 research topics:

  • "Formation of professional competence of specialists in human resources management and labor economics"
  • "Problems of self-management in education"

Head of Department – PhDin Management Filipenko Tatiana Vyacheslavovna.

She graduated from Donetsk Institute of Soviet Trade (1981), PhD of Public Administration (2011). PhD thesis theme - "Mechanism of public administration of Ukrainian foreign exchange market". Manages graduatesworks.

Deputy Head of Department - Candidate of agricultural Science Birdus Lidia Visilievna.

She graduated from the Ukrainian Agricultural Academy (1990), Institute of Continuing Education for managers and specialists of agriculture; accountant and economist (1996), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (1998). Teaches disciplines: "Marketing of personnel", "Organization of managerswork", "Organization of work".

Leading teachers of the department:

Schokin Georgiy Vasilievich - Professor of HR Management. Scientist in fields of management, psychology, sociology and social philosophy. Candidate of Psychology (1989), Doctor of Social Sciences (1996), Professor of Theology. Honorary Doctor and Professor, honorary and full member (Academician) of universities and academies of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Britain, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, United States. Member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals, author of over 250 works on education and human resource management, psychology, social philosophy, religious studies, sociology.

Doroshenko Lydia Stepanovna - Professor. She graduated from the Kyiv Institute of National Economy (1967), Candidate of Economic sciences (1975), Associate Pprofessor of IPA. She got the Medal for Labour Valour. Teaches subjects: "Productive Force", "Demographics", "Management oflabour potential", "Human Resource Management", "Regional economy", "Social economy".

Kolpakov Viktor Mikhailovich - Professor. He graduated from the Chelyabinsk Higher Military Aviation School of navigators (1979), Gagarin Air Force Academy (1988), majoring in operational and tactical control. Academy of Management under the President of Russia (2005), majoring in management methodology. Candidate of Military Sciences (1998), Assistant Professor.Teaches subjects: "Theory and practice of self-management", "Management of personnel development", "Strategic management", "Management of personnel knowledge".

Zgalat-LozynskajaLyubov  Alexandrovna - Associate Professor. She graduated from the Kyiv National Technical University of Construction and Architecture, majoring in "Production Management" (1998), PhD (2002), AssociateProfessor (2008). Teaches subjects: "Situationalmanagement", "General management", "Economy and finance of health care", "Analysis of medical institutions", "Personology".

Biliak Julia Viktorovna - Associate Professor. She graduated from National Aviation University, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2003), Candidate of Economic sciences (2007). Teaches subjects: "Actual problems of management", "Human development".

Opanasyuk Vitaliy Vitalievich - Assistant Professor. Graduated magistracy in IAPM, majoring in "Management" (2000),Shevchenko National University in Kyivmajoring in "Economic Theory" (2004).Candidate of Economic sciences (2005).Teaches subjects: "Integrated training qualification".

Mushkin Igor Mikhailovich - Associate Professor. Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Communications (1974), Ph.D. (1991).Teaches disciplines: "Productivity management".

Kalina Alla Vasilievna - Professor. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Labour in Kiev Institute of Food Engineering (1970). Candidate of Economic sciences (1989), Senior Researcher (1992), Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resources Management (1996), Full Doctor of Economics (1998), Professor of IPA (1998), corresponding member of International Personnel Academy (1999), got the medal "For high achievements in science"(1999). Teaches subjects: "Rationing of labour", "Labour market", "International labour market".

Golovach Natalya Vasilievna - Associate Professor. Graduated from the Dragomanov National Pedagogical University (2001), majoring in "Defectology" (speech therapy), IAPM, majoring in "Social pedagogy" (2004), Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management (2011). Teaches subjects: "Personnel management", "Principles of management".

Nikolin Irina Mikhailovna - Associate Professor. Graduated from IAPM, majoring in "Social Psychology" (2008), Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (2011). Teaches subjects: "Management of work content"; "The organization of section work: physiology and psychology of work"; "Fundamentals of Labour Protection", "Labour protection in the industry", "Organizational Behavior", "Androhohika".

Lapytska Nina Ivanovna - Associate Professor. She graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in Michurinsk (1978), IAPM, majoring in "Administrative Management" (2005). Teaches subjects: "HR outsourcing", "Human Resources", "Introduction to speciality".

Shvets Nelly Grigorievna - Associate Professor. She graduated from the Khabarovsk Polytechnic Institute (1963). Teaches subjects: "Occupational Safety and Health", "Professional orientation. Training", "Streamlining the work processes","Ergonomics","Integrated training qualification".

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