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інститут міжнародних відносин та лінгвістики

Averroes Institute of International Relations and Linguistics (UAIIRL) was established September 1, 2003 on the initiative of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management and the group of Arab intellectuals and Arab businessmen in Ukraine. The Institute is named in honor of the eminent Arab peripatetic philosopher Averroes, who lived in XII Century, who went down in history as an outstanding commentator of Aristotle's works, a researcher in the field of natural sciences, medicine, philology and law. After joining the linguistic departments in 2007 Averroes  Institute of International Relations and Linguistics became interethnic institution of international importance, which aims on implementation of strategic research and education project, which is based on cooperation of nationalities, cultures and religions. Educational and research activities of the Institute contribute to the strengthening and development of international relations between Ukraine and the countries of the Middle East, between the Slavic and Muslim worlds.

Institute Leadership 
Natalia Goncharenko, Deputy Director, Dean, Ph.D., Associate Professor

UAIIRL - inter-ethnic institution, it's purpose ia a quality training of competitive specialists in the field of international relations, foreign economic activity management, political science, and philology, which correspond to the modern requirements of the world labor market. Now students have the opportunity to get an education in such specialties:

  • International relations and diplomacy (EU, Middle East)
  • International economic relations;
  • Politics of international relations;
  • Political management and public administration;
  • Management of foreign economic activity;
  • Translation (English, Arabic, German, French and other languages);
  • Literary creation and editing;
  • School management (Master).

UAIIRL graduates may pursue the following activities: research and analysis, forecasting, consultancy work in the field of international relations; participation in the negotiations and diplomatic talks; engaging in the processing of the international media; research and development in the humanities and social sciences; market research and public opinion polling; advisory and executive activities in the ministries of Ukraine, international organizations, party bodies, government departments and institutions, government agencies, private institutions, social organizations; planning and implementation of promotional campaigns; representation in government and public relations; social activities in the area of ​​recreation and entertainment, culture and sport; translation and interpretation; editing sites, advertising, and social media projects, as well as be able to provide educational services philological.

Institute Administration attaches great importance to leisure of youth, development and deepening of her creative and physical abilities, it forms a modern educational and educational environment that fosters the continuous development of the human personality. An important role in the learning process is the educational work and physical training of students.

Teaching staff carry out research activities, which aimed at development and solution of contemporary international problems of development of Ukraine. Students, together with their mentors, are involved in organizing and conducting conferences, seminars, round tables, attending lectures of Institute visitors - known figures of Ukraine and other countries of the world, participating in scientific events organized by the Academy.

UAIIRL holds Ukrainian student conference "Ukrainian State: Past, Present and future directions of its development" annualy. The participants express their vision of the future of Ukraine, its political position in the world and possibility of its development. All participants receive the benefits of training in IAPM, and the winners - cash awards.

UAIIRL has 8 departments, among them - 6 producing departments. Teachers of the department pay much attention to methodological support of the educational process: writing of textbooks and manuals, preparation of teaching materials for each discipline. The list of disciplines, specialties and specializations are constantly updated to reflect the perspectives of development and labor market needs.
Training is carried out by specialties:

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