Department of Theoretical and Applied economics

Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics was founded in 1999.

The head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics is PhD, Associate Professor Vera Yevheniyevna Safonova.

(Building 2, room 37, 15-16)

This department disposes more than twenty disciplines.

Basic learning programms are:
  • Business economics;
  • History of economics and Economic thought;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • Microeconomics;
  • Modeling economic processes of the market economics;
  • Political economics;
  • Regional economics.

Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics is one of the basic departments of the Academy. For more than 15 years, it provides a fundamental economic and theoretical education of students in all specialties of the Academy.

The department now has 9 teachers, including one Doctor of Economics, Professor, 6 Candidates of Economic Sciences, Associate Professors, 1 PhD in Economics, one Senior teacher.

The department created all the necessary conditions for ensuring a high level of theoretical training future professionals, forming their market-oriented economic outlook, the knowledge base for the study of applied professional disciplines, based on economic theory.

The mission of the Economic Theory Department: formation of professional competence and personal qualities of competitive, creative and innovative thinking personnel, which can implement their knowledge and skills in economic sectors in the domestic and international labor markets based on:

    • constant modernization of the educational process;
    • introduction of advanced technologies and techniques;
    • stimulation of interest in creative and research work.

The department:

    • provides students with fundamental knowledge of problems of modern economy theory;
    • acquaints students with peculiarities of evolution of economic paradigms and concepts, with  basic ideas of prominent economists of the past and the present;
    • develops ability of solution of economic problems in modern theoretical models, forms skills of independent analysis and search for solutions of economic problems.

Teaching work

All the disciplines are developed by lecturers’ teaching systems that fully meet the state standards and regulatory requirements and reflect the latest trends of national and world economic science and practice.

Faculty widely practices seminars, interviews, conferences, workshops -round tables, tests, hearings essays and students reports.

Scientific work

Teachers of the Department are working on the theme: "Institutional, innovation and investment factors of transformation and economic development of Ukraine" (2016-2020 gg.) under direction of Doctor of Economics, Professor V.E. Safonova. Students who exercise their applied research under the guidance department are involves to the scientific work.

Teachers of the Department cover the following areas of research work:

    • Theory of institutionalism as a major methodological base of research process of innovation of the economic system of Ukraine;
    • Role of institutional factors in the innovative development of economy;
    • Innovative aspects of the state's economy in a market transformation;
    • Innovative processes in education and their financial support;
    • Methodology for evaluating effectiveness of educational innovations to investors of higher education;
    • Institutionalization of innovation in market transformation;
    • Evolution of innovation in theory concepts of innovation and institutional economic theory;
    • Investment process in Ukraine as a factor of economic development;
    • Innovative investment factors in ensuring economic growth in Ukraine;
    • Institutional mechanism for the formation of the national innovation system of Ukraine;
    • Forming of institutional environment to ensure economic security

In the strategic development of research and innovation department is planned:

    1. Particular attention to the quality of scientific research: the relevance of topics, scientific and practical significance, degree of development problems (conceptuality and logic).
    2. Modernize the mechanism of peer review of quality research.
    3. Improvement and developing of innovation.
    4. Active participation in competitions for international grants.
    5. Developing of fundamental scientific research priorities at the last world achievements.
    6. Forming of scientific school of the Department and its positioning by participating in conferences, seminars, round tables, at city, region and country.

The Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics id Doctor of Economics, Professor Vera Evgeniivna Safonova.

Vera Evgeniivna Safonova was born in 1979.

She graduated with honors in 2001 from economic faculty of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts in the specialty "Management" (KM diploma LB number 001395).

In 2006 at SHEI "Kyiv National Economic University" she defended the thesis on "Innovative foundations of macroeconomic forecasting development of higher education in Ukraine", specialty 08.01.01 - economic theory. Ukraine HAC Presidium Decision of 12 October 2006 (DK№ 036,350).

Doctor of Economics from 2013. Doctoral thesis: "The educational resource formation of an innovative economy" defended in October 2012 in a specialized academic council at SHEI "Kyiv National Economic University" on specialty 08.00.01 - economic theory and history of economic thought. Certifying Board Decision of 25 January 2013 (DD№001510).

In 2009, Safonova V.E. was elected a member of Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, specialty Economics. Since 2010 - Professor of IPA. In 2011 she awarded the rank of Associate Professor of economic theory.

Thesis "Educational resource formation of innovative economy" is the first scientific work in the framework of the author's conception of educational resources. Scientific researches of Safonova V.E. were implemented in the activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, State Committee for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine, Embassy of the SR Vietnam in Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration; National Institute for Strategic Studies, Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Studies of NAS of Ukraine, Research Center for National University of taxation of State Tax Service of Ukraine, Odessa State Economic University; in activity of "Ukrainian Association of Project Management", "Ukrnet", LLC "Business Architect".

A member of specialized academic council K 26.142.03 in IAPM of thesis defense on specialty "Economics and management of enterprises (by economic activity)." Repeatedly involved in certification of the teaching staff, acted as opponent on defense of thesis in SHEI "Kyiv National Economic University."

She took part in the working group of Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on improving the mechanism of formation of state order for training.

She is a member of the editorial board of the professional journal "Proceedings of IAPM", series "Economics". Reviewed teaching development, collections of scientific works, provides scientific leadership postgraduate masters.

In number of Safonova achievements there are: 147 scientific and educational works, one sole monograph, 7 books co-authored, among them: "Higher Education - a resource of formation of innovative economy", "Macroeconomic forecasting system of higher education - a priority of its development", "Economics of Higher Education in Ukraine: Trends and development mechanism", "Economic Foundations of innovative development of higher education in Ukraine", "Management of socio-economic systems: problems and solutions", "Modernisation of Higher Education in Ukraine and the world: ten years of scientific research", "The global economic crisis 2008-2010 years: international experience and remedies in Ukraine", "Formation of competitive regional economy of Ukrainian Black Sea", 1 manual labeled with MES of Ukraine "Fundamentals of the market economy and entrepreneurship".

Awarded: Thanks and diplomas of director of the Institute of Higher Education NAPS of Ukraine and diplomas Chairperson of IAPM.

Research interests: problems of economics and management of higher education: formation and development of educational potential, competitiveness of higher education, development of the innovation potential of higher education, as well as market economy and entrepreneurship based on economic theory.

Additional information: she has considerable practical experience in project management. She took a direct part in building company's accounting policies, development strategies, forecasting cash flows and evaluating the economic efficiency of business processes, business planning and investment advice in projects and programs.

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