Educational and Scientific Institute of Law

Volodymyr the Great Educational and Scientific Institute of Law

Building 7, tel.: 490-95-21

The Institute was founded in 1994 after the decision of cross-accreditation commission 20 October 1994, protocol №14, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on November 9, 1994 №310. The Institute was created with the the help of of the National Academy of Security Service of Ukraine.

In 2001 was constructed building №7 of the Institute of Law. Total area of the institute is ​​2850.2 square meters: Classroom foundation is 1,280 square meters, including 3 streaming audience of 150-200 seats and 14 classrooms for practical training of 30-60 seats.

Volodymyr the Great Institute of Law at IAPM provides education on full-time and distance learning forms in following majors:

  • «Law» (specialization: "Commercial and Labour Law", "Financial and Banking Law", "International Business Law", "Civil law and intellectual property law"), qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, master;
  • «Law enforcement activity" (specialization: "Private detective activity", "Security of organizations and institutions"), qualifications: bachelor and specialist;
  • «Financial and economic security", qualification: master. "Professional of the financial and economic security", "Financial and economic security analyst").

Two specialized academic councils were created at the Institute:

  • Specialized Scientific Council D 26.142.01 with the right to consider and conduct defense of thesis for the degree of Doctor (Candidate) of Law in specialty 12.00.04 "Economic law, domestic and procedural law".
  • Specialized Scientific Council D 26.142.02 with the right to consider and conduct defense of thesis for the degree of Doctor (candidate) of Jurisprudence in specialty 12.00.07 "Administrative law and process; financial law; information law".

Educational and Scientific Institute of Law (as required by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) has established the student's consulting center "Central legal clinic".

Professional faculty departments, which are involved in conducting classes, provide a high quality of education based on practical experience in government departments, courts and law enforcement.

Seven departments are included in the Institute of Law:

Fields of study

  • "Jurisprudence"

    Practice of professionals in jurisprudence is related to the implementation of legal activity, analytical and practical work in the field of application of national and international law. This requires deep knowledge of the legal system, masterful ability to use new arsenal of legal means in any case, and an appropriate level of professional culture.

    The expert-lawyer should be able to interpret and apply the laws and other regulations; to qualify actions, facts and circumstances properly; to make legal decisions and perform other legal actions in strict accordance with the law; to prepare and execute legal research; to give qualified advice.

    A high level of professional culture allows specialist to promote legal knowledge and provide legal education of citizens, to work on strengthening the rule of law.

    Our graduates are eligible to work in positions, that require higher legal education: in state executive; in local government; the courts of general jurisdiction and specialized courts; the prosecution; law enforcement; customs and fiscal authorities; Ministry of justice of Ukraine; in notaries; legal services and enterprises of all forms of ownership; law schools.

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  • "Law enforcement"

    Practice of professional in law enforcement is related to the activities of both public and private authorities that ensure the protection of rights and freedoms. There are several aspects in law enforcement that graduates need to know. These include: the activities of police, prosecutors, courts, the SSU, the tax police and several other government agencies, which are specializing on detecting, preventing and investigating crimes, ensure the safety of participants of trial, national security, law and order and protection of the state border.

    Law enforcement professionals should be able to interpret and apply the law properly, to qualify legal facts correctly and make appropriate regulations, protocols and other legal documents.

    The main feature of law enforcement is protection of rights of entities or infividuals by established procedures. The activity of law enforcement consist of a specially established legal procedures, such as filing a claim, appeal, questioning, etc. Violations of established procedures by officials of law enforcement are the fundamental breach of procedural legislation because graduates must clearly know and comply with the requirements.

    Our graduates can work on positions that require the presence of legal education: law enforcement, state executive authorities, courts, fiscal and customs authorities and the notary, advocacy and the security services enterprises of all ownership forms, as well as in private detective agencies.

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  • "Financial and economic security"

    Solving the problems of security companies in our country according to modern requirements and international standards requires not only solving organizational and legal issues at all levels, but also providing these companies with highly skilled specialists of financial and economic security.

    Today organization of enterprise security is covering managerial, financial, economic, legal relations and interests. It requires expert knowledge of specific management, economics and law.

    Studying on master's program "Management of financial and economic security" is possible for citizens of Ukraine who have basic (bachelor level in the fields of "Economics and Business", "Management", "Law", "Information Security") or higher education (level of specialist, master's or higher education level, regardless of specialty).

    Throughout the educational program, students get the fundamental knowledge of Ukraine's national security, organization and management of financial and economic security, organization of information-analytical security, competitive intelligence, corporate conflicts (raids) and methods to overcome them, modern methods of personnel reliability, management of protection trade secrets, organization and management of property and personal safety, etc.

    Master in management of financial and economic security — a senior specialist in management, who is able to:

    • develop a security strategy for the company and its divisions; create a program of the company;
    • form groups and ensure their effective functioning, using informal methods of management; prevent conflicts;
    • create and control the activities of the operating production systems and marketing; ensure the safety of these systems;
    • develop plans and programs to ensure safety in the various activities and implement operational cover in these systems;
    • prepare the necessary calculations, analyzes and economic projects, ideas and plans of the company and its security together with other experts.

    According to the National classifier of professions and approved Industry standards of higher education graduates of the specialty 8.18010014 "Management of financial and economic security" can occupy the following positions: professional of the financial and economic security, professional of corporate governance, responsible bank officer (branch of bank, other financial institution), expert on foreign issues, economic advisor, consultant on economic issues, expert on economic and financial security, expert  on organization property and personal safety, etc.

    Also graduates of the master program "Management of financial and economic security" have the right to work as office manager, director, deputy head, branch manager (apply for licenses to provide the protection of property, provision services, protection of citizens), and work on similar positions in departments of bank security and financial institutions of Ukraine.

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