Institute of Social Sciences and Self-governance

Aliev Ukrainian-Azerbaijani Institute of Social Sciences and Self-governance

Building 3, tel.: 490-95-26; 494-47-33

Ukrainian-Azerbaijani Institute of Social Sciences as an educational unit was included in IAPM Presidential University in September 2000.

The Institute is headed by Ivan Pavlovich Bidzyura, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher School of Ukraine, Academy of Social Technologies and Local Government (Moscow), Ukrainian Academy of Political Science, Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine, Social scientist and teacher of high school, Semployee, public diplomacy. He is the author of over 200 scientific works in fields of agriculture, public administration, political science and sociology.

Each year, the Institute graduates more than 1,500 students, including people from Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Cameroon, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Georgia, Cyprus, Belarus, who is willing to work in various sectors of economy, social sphere, education, law enforcement bodies, military structures, health care. Education is carried out on the full-time, part-time and distance forms.

Institute students master the following specialties under the relevant specializations:


  • Practical psychology;
  • Medical psychology;
  • Psychology government.


  • Sociology of management and PR;
  • Sociology, public administration and local self-government;
  • Social and psychological counseling.

"Social work":

  • Socio-legal work;
  • Social work in international organizations.

The Institute provides training for the educational and qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, master. For those who want to get a degree, there are postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The Institute consists of 7 departments:

Teaching staff is highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, capable to perform high-quality education and to provide training and research work. Students have the opportunity to communicate with experienced teachers, renowned scientists. The faculty of departments is the key to a decent professional level and demand for our graduates on labor market. Chair of the Institute pay great attention to the innovative nature of disciplines studies, which are aimed at improving students' motivation, self-determination and self-improvement. All this contributes to increase the effectiveness of their training activities. As part of the Institute, there are three general academic departments - Philosophy, Ukrainian studies, Ukrainian Orthodoxy and theology. All in all, departments of the Institute employ more than 100 teachers, including 15 Ph.Ds and Professors, 42 Candidates. Many teachers have been awarded with high state awards for hard work: Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Honored Worker of Education, Excellence in Education of Ukraine.


The Institute has a Center of reserve officers training and military records, which is led by Alexander Nikolaevich Krivonos. Those students, who have completed the full course of the training program for reserve and certified officers are assigned to the rank of "Reserve Lieutenant".

Teachers of the Institute improve their skills in the form of training and education. They use in educational process forms and methods of interactive education (trainings, business and role-playing, discussions, round tables), which help to activate tself-mental activity of the future experts, to improve their organizational and communication skills, to develop skills in simulations - situations close to real management practices. They also use in the educational process modern technology, innovative and computer technologies, as well as lectures, seminars and workshops; individual classes - teachers with students; independent work of students on study courses, topics and sections, writing essays; performing individual tasks, examinations, education on an individual schedule; spot training in enterprises; conducting business games; decision of situational problems.

Teachers of the Institute fruitfully work on improving the methodological support of the educational process. Together with the research and methodical department of the Academy they have prepared and published more than 150 different types of scientific-practical and scientific-methodological works, including 40 books. Total annual educational resource of departments educational time is more than 20 thousand hours.

Curricula are characterized by a combination of fundamental disciplines in practical training that allows preparing competent specialists of high qualification. Their theoretical knowledge, analytical skills and applied research can be improved during educational, industrial, undergraduate, research assistant and teaching practices.

Student life is multifaceted here. In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" from 01.07.2014roku №1556-VII (section VII, Art. 40), the Institute operates student self-government. Students are directly involved in management of the institution, protection of rights and interests of students, education, life and leisure. They are active participants in sports events, art studios, various art competitions, students regularly visit theaters, art workshops and exhibitions. They have an opportunity to realize themselves in 22 sports sections. Already become traditional competitions of art song "Miss IAPM" and "Mister IAPM", celebration of the Holy Virgin, Student Day, New Year's, competitions in chess, volleyball, basketball, futsal, aerobics and others.

Graduates of the Institute enter an independent life as highly skilled specialists. We are confident that they will work efficiently, asserting themselves and our country in the XXI century. The new principles of training, use of new active forms of education, obtaining a good training and familiarity with modern international practice of working with people - these are the components that help our students to assert themselves in a difficult social existence.

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