Department of Philosophy

The department is located in building 3, room 10a.

General academic Department of Philosophy is the part of the Aliev Azerbaijani-Ukrainian Institute of Social Sciences and self-government since April 2006. The department provides teaching of philosophical disciplines in all institutions of IAPM.

What is philosophy?

In Greek the word literally means "love of wisdom". Philosophy is both form of understanding the world as a whole, based on the loving attitude to it and the reflection of the basic principles of human culture. The subject of philosophical thoughts - "eternal questions": What is life? What can we know? How to think correctly? How to distinguish good from evil? What is beautiful and what is ugly? What is love and what is the meaning of life?... Each of these issues led to appearance of the relevant section of philosophizing - ontology, epistemology, logic, ethics, aesthetics, philosophical anthropology, etc. Everyone tries to solve these questions throughout the whole life. So, familiarization with tremendous output of scholars of the past and present can help people to find their own answers to fundamental philosophical questions and their own path in life.

In the educational process of modern university philosophy courses taking a special place, cause they are aimed at forming students ideology, not only developing person as a professional his future, but also as a highly educated man and citizen. Currently, the department provides teaching such courses as: "Philosophy", "Social Philosophy", "Logic", "Theory of knowledge", "Ethics", "Aesthetics", "Culture", "World culture", "History of Ukrainian culture", "Political Philosophy", "Philosophy of Psychology", "Religion", "Basic scientific research", "Methods and organization of research", "Humanitarian factor in world politics", etc.

The department is headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor - Melkov Yury Alexandrovich, author of over 90 scientific publications, including 3 books: "The fact in post-nonclassical science" (2004), "Many faces of Democracy" (2011, co-authored with A.V. Tolstoukhov and I.G. Parapan), "Man-measuring in post-nonclassical science" (2014); scientific interests - philosophy of modern science, practical philosophy, philosophy of democracy.

Teaching staff of Department of Philosophy includes experts in various fields of philosophical knowledge. Teachers of the department engaged in scientific and methodological courses and research work on philosophical disciplines:

Nich T.V., Candidate of Philosophical Science, Associate Professor, author of more than 20 scientific and methodical works; scientific interests: history of philosophy, Ukrainian philosophy, methodology of scientific research;

Pal’m N.D., Candidate of Philosophical Science, Associate Professor, author of more than 50 scientific and methodical works, including textbooks: "Ethics and aesthetics" (2004, co-authored with Hatalo T.E.), "History of Ukrainian culture" (2012, co-authored with Hatalo T.E.); scientific interests: philosophy and sociology of culture, actual problems of modern society (including the ethical perspectives of contemporary culture);

Proskulikova L.N., Candidate of Philosophical Science, Associate Professor, author of more than 70 scientific publications, including monographs: "Analysis of myths: an introduction to the 'dark mind critique'"(1999), "Anthropological paradigms and myths of European philosophy" (2000, co-authored with Khamitov N.), ​​"Lou Salome about herself " (2002)," "Last words about the last things" (about the life and work of Veyninher A., 2003, co-authored with Kikhno A.) "Treatise "Erotics": paradoxes of gender anthropology Lou Andreas-Salome" (2012) and the textbook "History of philosophy: the problem of Man" (2014, 2nd issue, co-authored with Khamitov N. and Krylova S.); scientific interests: philosophical anthropology, history of philosophy, philosophy of myth;

Pustovit A.V., Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Science, Professor, author of more than 80 scientific works, including three textbooks: "Ethics and aesthetics: Heritage os the West. History beauty and goodness" (2006), "History of European culture" (2012, 2nd issue.), "Introduction to Logic" (2013); scientific interests: culturology, logic, ethics, aesthetics, study of Pushkins works, study of Mozarts works;

Chirkova O.A., Candidate of Philosophical Science, Associate Professor, author of 30 scientific and educational works; scientific interests: religion, church history, the problems of modern relations of church and state.

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