Department of Sociology

Building 3, room 4.

Department of Sociology and Social Work is graduating department og Aliev Institute of Social Sciences and Self-governance in majors: "Sociology" and "Social Work" and it’s also one of the few sociological departments in Ukraine, which is focused on the practical component of training in social management.

The head of Department of sociology and social work is the famous scientist, expert of public administration Bidzyura Ivan Pavlovich — Doctor of Political Science, Professor. In the department also work Surmin Yuri Petrovich, PhD, Professor, author of over 500 scientific articles and publications about social control; Popov Vyacheslav Zhanovych, Doctor of Historical Science, Professor, one of the best experts in the social life analysis. The educational process is provided by talented PhDs with, who experienced internships abroad (Bandurka A.S., PhD, Associate Professor; Baranovsky V.V., Ph.D.; Bondarenko N.A., Candidate of Pedagogical Science; Bisembayev F.K., Ph.D., Associate Professor; Yereskova T.V., PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor; Marutyan R.R., Ph.D., Associate Professor; Nelga T.A., PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor; Petrenko-Lisak A.O., PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor).

The department is located in building number 3, number 4 office.

Programm of Professional Development of sociologists and social workers, which was created by lecturers of the department, is focused on modern standards of training in social management, based not only on modern applied research in sociology and social work, but also on management and administration, project management, with using of an integrated approach with a focus on economic, legal and psychological support in training future sociologists and social workers. That is why the department implemented the relevant majors:

"Sociology" — sociology of management and public relations; social psychological counseling; environmental sociology; sociology of international relations; electoral sociology; sociology of mass communications and journalism;

"Social work" — social work in international organizations; socio-legal work; management in social sphere.

Aftereducation graduates acquire skills to investigate phenomena, facts, problems in society, communities, social groups with the purpose of diagnosing, explaining, forecasting, optimization of social processes, their management and control; studying the behavior of people, their needs and motivation to assist in decision-making in difficult situations of everyday life; organizing work with people who faced problems of life and work in modern society, based on understanding patterns and motives of human behavior and social phenomena; professional activities based on ethical principles and aimed to upholding social justice, human rights, promoting social change, problem solving, improving their well-being.

Education in majors "Sociology" and "Social Work" provides opportunities to master a wide range of professional functions: management activities, planning of social initiatives, information, advertising and PR-campaigns; using innovative technologies in work with people (individuals, families, groups and communities), studying of peoples behavior, their needs and motivation; managing social processes at the micro and meso-level of public development; learning the basics of social-psychological and situational analysis, diagnosis of life conditions of different social categories and groups, etc.

Benefits of the department

The big advantage of the department is the ability to train masters, specialists, bachelors and junior specialists in unrelated industries that significantly shortens education in university both in stationary and correspondence form of education. Students are involved in organization and conduction of real social studies and have the unique opportunity to participate in practical training at the institutions and organizations of social protection and security, subordinated to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, institutions of management and service of Kiev Regional State Administration, local government, Institute of training staff, Sociology Institute of NAS of Ukraine, volunteer and other community organizations.

Training in "Sociology" and "Social work" makes it possible to hold primary positions in public administration, local and regional authorities, particularly in the departments of labour, social policy, social protection, social security; in state and public organizations that provide social services to various categories of risk population; in research centers; in secondary and higher educational institutions - schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges and vocational schools; in prisons; institutions of Health care.

Graduates of "Sociology" and "Social work" can work on the following positions:
  • Senior official NGO (in the field of philanthropy, human rights, etc.);
  • Head of department (local authorities);
  • Head of school institution;
  • Manager of social services;
  • University lecturer;
  • Specialist in social research;
  • Head of centers, associations, clubs and social services;
  • Manager of social work;
  • Employee of social structures in: businesses, organizations, health, education, tourism, health, sports institutions, humanitarian foundations, associations of social purposes;
  • Centre of social services for youth, head of children's associations and organizations;
  • Inspector in the government agencies and administration;
  • Head of specialized social service;
  • Employee of Agencies of internal affairs
  • Insurance agent;
  • Social worker, researcher;
  • Juvenile inspector;
  • Inspector of social assistance;
  • Social worker in educational and cultural institutions;
  • Social worker in the community, educator in penal system, an employee of Agencies of internal affairs  which controls and helps the rehabilitation process of those, who was released from detention;
  • Employee in organizations - subjects of social and humanitarian assistance to the society;
  • Employee of youth services;
  • Employee of support services and family development;
  • Juvenile inspector in executive committees of local councils, employee of the guardianship;
  • Employee of juvenile criminal police, forensic teaching expert;
  • Specialist of HR department, department of social planning, social security;
  • Specialist of administrative department;
  • Executive director (Deputy director of social affairs);
  • Employee of department of education, school or college;
  • Specialist of employment services;
  • Practical sociologist in different enterprises and institutions;
  • Consultant in social and psychological issues, teacher.

Increasing public demand for professionals who are able to analyze the state of contemporary social development systematically, to provide an objective assessment of social policy, to form a clear idea about the models, forms and methods of modern social work practice, to develop and implement programs that improve the efficiency of the social space of Ukraine, makes the profession of sociologist and social worker prestigious and highly paid.

After all, if a person feels his own contribution to social life of community, he creates not only wealth, he creates himself.

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