Department of Ukrainian Studies

The department is located in Yaroslav Mudruy library and information center.

Department of Ukrainian Studies is a unit of Aliev Institute of Social sciences and Self-government (IAPM).

In 2003-2015 the department was headed by Shilov Yuri Alexeevich, Candidate of Historical Science, Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian International Academy of Original Ideas, Academician of the Russian Orthodox Academy, member of writers unions of Ukraine and Russia. Shilov Y.A. - author of over 200 scientific and journalistic works, including 20 books and translations into English. The most famous his publication is the monograph "Fundamentals of Slavic civilization" (2008).

Since February 2015 Doctor of History, Professor, Associate Professor Popov Vyacheslav Zhanovych was appointed as the head of the department. He is the author of 80 scientific and educational works on modern history of Ukraine, political science, sociology. His thesis is devoted to studying the daily life of citizens of industrialized Ukrainian regions during the national-democratic revolution in 1917-1920. In 2013 he published monograph "Between the government and anarchy: the population of Ukrainian cities in 1917-1920.".

Deputy Head of the department — Sokolovska Klavdia Mikhailovna, Candidate of historical Science, Professor. She is the author of more than 75 scientific works, 6 textbooks, 3 monographs, including research "Ukrainian intellectuals in the development of national culture and art" (2005). Sokolovskaya K.M. successfully works on studying of Ukrainian folk culture.

Hotsalyuk Alla Anatolievna, Candidate of Historical Science, Associate Professor, author of 22 scientific articles.Research Interests: traditional Ukrainian rites of the twentieth century, the philosophy of neo-traditionalism.

Student research groups are working at the department:

  • "Aratta" (Head - Shilov Y.A.);
  • "Charm" (Head - Sokolovska K.M.);
  • "Origins" (Head - Hotsalyuk A.A.).

The department periodically organizes scientific conference.

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