Department of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and theology

The strategic goal of Ukraine in the XXI century is the question of Orthodox pedagogy, religious education and education in general. That’s why, paying attention to the need for spiritual revival of Ukraine and strengthening morality in society, in 2002 on the initiative of the famous Ukrainian scientist, Professor Schokin Georgiy Vasilievich and with blessing of Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Volodymyr (Sabodan), with personal support of Professor of Kiev Theological Acadeny, Archpriest Vitaliy Kosovovsky, Professor of Kiev Theological Academy Zabuga Nicholay, Associate Professor of Kiev Theological Academy, Doctor of Theology, Archimandrite Ilariy (Shyshkovskiy) (now - Bishop Makarovskiy, Vicar of the Kyiv Metropolis) the project of Department of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and theology was created at the IAPM.

Head of the department - Doctor of Theology, Archpriest Dionysius Martyshyn, Corresponding member, Professor and Honorary doctor of IPA, Associate Professor of Kiev Theological Academy, a member of the education of the Kyiv church committee, director of spiritual and Apostles educational center at IAPM. In recent years with the help of Martyshyn Dionysius books, based on the Orthodox faith, Christian philosophy of history, religious schisms, church sermons and the social teachings of the Orthodox Church were published. In particular, "Fundamentals of the Orthodox Faith," "On the way to faith", "East - West: the choice of path in search of unity", "The spirit of the revolution in Church," "Religious ethics", "Choice of faith: Church or ideology," "Evangelism of world updating: spiritual conversations with students on Orthodox holidays".

Faculty lecturers - priest Sergei Kotsar and priest Vitaly Polishchuk regularly organize not only lectures, round tables and meetings with young people, but also perform worships in the academic temple of the Twelve Apostles Cathedral and in the chapel of St. George (foundation of Christian churches at universities exists in all developed and recognized by universities worldwide. Examples can be found in USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, etc.).

The multi-faceted spiritual and educational activities of the department - a real example of synergy of secular and religious education. Thanks to this, modern students study such subjects as: "Fundamentals of Christian morality", "History of the Christian Church," "Introduction to Theology" and "Christian social doctrine".

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