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The department is located in building 3, room 1.

When we want to define the features of any profession, first it is advisable to discover why this professionhad appeared. This is nessessary for each of you, because the person who chooses a profession or specialty, has to understand the content of the chosen work profession clearly, especially profession of psychologist.

Thus, the term "profession" in Latin andFrench means "to speak publicly, to declare" (E.O.Klimov).So, the emergence of an exact professionhas social basis. Society recognizes the need in a particular profession, and it is issued as a separate work. What concernes the profession of psychologist, its separation took place in the twentieth century on the basis of social order by the representatives of different spheres of life and labour rights, exactly: management, education, defense, sports, and family life.

Why was it necessary to make this request if they say, "life teaches"? Indeed, the best teacher of psychology is life, and man learns its lessons well before reading a book about it. During communication practice people learn many psychological laws. After all, each of us is a psychologist, who started “reading” people by their appearance from childhood (facial expressions, gestures, voice, behavior), “reading” their emotional states, and on this basis everyone can build an interaction. This pre-scientific "everyday psychology" gives us some guidance in our life. In this regard, the question arises: "Is psychology analogous to common sense?" (D.Myers). Unfortunately, the "common sense" not always properly reflects significant psychological patterns and characteristics of human development. Therefore, our outlook on human behavior and actions often do not coincide with real psychological phenomena. The famous American social psychologist D.Myers notes: "It's not that common sense is wrong in advance. It is likely that common sense is usually right, but only after the fact that it took place. For this reason, we can easily lead ourselves the wrong way, thinking that we know how it really was. That is why we need a psychological science that would help separate reality from illusion... "(D.Myers Social Psychology.- SPb: Peter, 2010 – 45 p.).

Thus, for a proper understanding of our behavior, actions and character we have to know psychology. What does psychology study?

Psychology is a science that examines the patterns of emerging and development of mind, mental processes, states and properties. Psychological characteristics of humans and even animalshave decisive influence on our life. That is why knowledge of psychology and its use is a necessary condition for the development of every person and of society as a whole.

In this regard, today we can clearly distinguish psychological professions:

  • Professions related to research of psychological laws, of the origin and development of personsmind, specific interpersonal and intergroup interaction in social group, etc. This is the scientific or academic psychology;
  • Professions related to teaching psychology. Psychology teachers aim to provide professional training of psychologists, improve psychological competence of all other professionals. Indeed, training programs for managers, engineers, economists, officers of the army and police, especially teachers, contain psychology as a discipline;
  • Professions related to practical psychology. The aim of practical psychologists is providing psychological assistance to all people in solving their psychological problems. It can be argued that the work of psychologists, or practicing psychologists, as calls them V.H.Panok,has features of scientific psychology and teaching of psychology.

As for the scientific psychology, the diagnosis of certain psychological problem, which is an integral part of psychologists activities, has something common with a research. And counseling objectively contains features of teaching, as here psychological culture of the client is extended.

Analyzing further, we came to conclusion, that everyone need psychological help from a practicing psychologist.

An important feature of modern life is the combination of high demands to the "polyprofessional" personality, causeit has to be able to work not only with oneprofession, but also has to be successful in other professions.

In such situation some problems may also arise, and for successfull solving one needs skilled help of professional psychologist.

Some areas of using practical psychology

Psychological service for modern army.The first task for psychologist is to provide psychological assistance to youth with adaptation to new (compared to family) conditions of military service, strict regime, the need to subordinate his life to statutory requirement, etc. Secondly, in modern army is widespread so called "hazing" - military relations that have a certain period of communication with recruits based on their personality contempt, mockery. Such relationships in some cases lead to the emergence of inferiority feelings, and others - to tragic consequences.

Professional psychologist, working with military people, helps to overcome and prevent these negative phenomena.

Practical psychologist plays a positive role in police and penitentiary organizations. These spheres need an expert who can determine the reasons and the causes of crime,can identify the characteristics of awareness or unawareness of what an offender has done. In addition, psychologist can preventthe professional deformation of police officers.

Also psychologist plays an important role in the prosess of education. After all, practical psychologist helps not only children, whom we train and teach, but alsohelps their parents in solving urgent relationship problems, andalso helps teachers to develop the most appropriate ways and methods of training and education.

It is really difficult to overestimate the importance of psychological service in entrepreneurship and business,as development of market discovers many psychological problems in commercial organizations: development and perception of advertising, providing competitive products, prevention and solution of conflicts, creating a positive image of the organization, technology of negotiations, etc.

Managerial work also needs practical psychological care and support. Let’s note, for example, the problem of professional selection, distribution, adaptation of employees, development and making decisions, creating a favorable socio-psychological climate, improving leadership style, etc.

Today practical psychologist is needed to solve family problems, preparing young people for family life, to develop the best ways to prevent and resolve family conflict, etc.

Nowadays helpline becomes more popular: it gives every person nessessary psychological help in solving a variety of problems.

Practical psychologist is also necessary in politics, cause many future members of parliament and other political figures turn to him. Psychologist helps them to analyze public attitudes and interests of different social groups, helps toassume the consequences of certain political decisions. Recommendations of psychologist help to establishpositive and attractive image of political figures.

It is impossible to imagine the space industry without psychologist. Everybody knows that the preparation of cosmonauts and astronauts is carried out by means of psychological services, as space flight requires special psychological disposition, strong nervous system, high psychological stability.

Professional psychologist is a practitioner, who helps people to solve their psychological problems successfully, who helps to concentrate on self-actualization and intellectual development.

So, no matter what life and work sphere people choose, they need psychological assistance and support. That is why we can assure you, that profession of psychologist is essential in modern and future society.

The purpose of psychological service in our society is creating a positive environment for each person, maintenance of mental and psychological health of ukrainian people, on the basis of the achievements of psychological science.

Department of General Psychology of IAPMwas established in 1993.

Today psychologists and young employees of the department help young people to become highly qualified psychologists and practitioners, they form the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills, that meet the requirements of this honorable profession.

The department is headed by Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Turynina Elena Leontievna, holder of the European Order "Catherine the Great" for scientific excellence and high performance in teaching activity. She has 90 scientific publications, including 10 textbooks (3 of which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).
Deputy Head of Department Shopsha A.L. — Candidate of Psychological Science.Also here work: Lozhkyn H.V.- Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Doctor of Psychology, Professor; Bondarchuk O.I. - Doctor of Psychology, Professor; Grys' A.M. - Doctor of Psychology, Professor; Konyaeva L.D. - Candidate of Psychological Science, Associate Professor; Vus V.I. - Candidate of Psychological Science, Associate Professor; Voitenko A.V. - Candidate of Psychological Science, Associate Professor; Zelen'ko O.A.– Candidate of Medical Science, Associate Professor; Tkachuk T.L. - Candidate of Psychological Science, Associate Professor; Glushko L.A. - PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor; Dorichenko V.A. - Seniorlecturer; Didenko R.F. - Senior lecturer.

Students - future practical psychologists study lots of different disciplines, general, developmental, educational, social psychology, basic counseling and correction, theory and practice ofpsychotraining, ethnic psychology, psychology of traumatic situations, mass behavior psychology, psychology of creativity, etc.

In our institute constant level training of psychologists is provided.

First qualifying level established by diploma is the level of bachelor degree. Future bachelors learn the basics of psychological theory. In practical classes on psychology practicum and manufacturing practices in basic psychological centers they acquire practical knowledge and skills for working with clients.

However, our students do not stop at the "bachelor". They continue education and become masters of psychology. Master of psychology is a higher level of professional education, which grants the right to teach psychology at university and to do researcher work in institutes.

In addition, inIAPM, after receiving a masters' degree, you can join the doctoral studies (to become a PhD in Psychology or Doctor of Science).

Education in our institute provides real opportunities for growth of your creative, professional and personal improvement.

Development ofpsychological textbooks by the department improves the quality of education. For example, textbooks:"General Psychology" - MaksymenkoS.D.and SoloviyenkoV.O., "Psychology of pedagogical management" - KolominskiyN.L. and his monograph "The Psychology of Management in Education", textbooks "Basics of psychological consultation"( Homich G.A., Tkach R.M.), "Experimental Psychology"( Bondarchuk A.I.), "Practical psychology of the conflict"(Lozhkyn H.V., Povyakel N.Y.), "Psychology of traumatic situations"and"Psychology of mass behavior"(Turynina O.L., "Economic Psychology"( Lozhkyn G.V., Komorowski V.L.), etc.

Substantial assistance in learning psychology students get from scientific works of Georgiy Vasilievich Schokin: "Effective people management", "Fundamentals of visual psychodiagnostics", etc.

Department of General Psychology actively participates in the scientific life of our country. It organizes annual international scientific conferences, dedicated toproblems of theoretical and practical psychology. Based on materials of conference, VI edition of "IAPM scientific work" was published.Moreover, the Department developes the scientific work of students. Based on  student scientific conferences XII issue of "Scientific works of IAPM.  The realities of modern life in psychological terms" was released.Student scientific circles work under the guidance of faculty.

Perfect professional education of psychologists, forming of a clear position of professional psychologist, using of personal qualities in accordance with profession requirements, active professional communication –all of it helps our graduates to become professional psychologists.

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