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Academy celebrates the Day of Knowledge

04 September 2018 18:48

The warm sunny August 31 at the IAPM Knowledge Square gathered the heads of the university, freshmen students and their parents, teachers and staff to celebrate the Day of Knowledge in a solemn atmosphere.

Traditionally, the feast began with a prayer service near the St. George's Chapel of the Victory. The prayer was conducted by the rector of the Academic Temple in honor of the Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles of the IAPM Archpriest Dionisius Martyshin.

The celebration continued with a line. Honorary right to conduct the line has traditionally been given to the doctor of jurisprudence, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, Honorable Lawyer of Ukraine, the rector of IAPM Mykola Kurko.

The leader announced the beginning of the ruler and above the square, performed by the Pop Dance Orchestra of Ukraine, sounded the anthem of our state. Then the flag of Ukraine, the flags of the International Staff Academy and the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management took place on the square.

The Rector of the Academy addressed the participants of the holiday with a welcoming speech:

"Dear first-year students, teachers, staff! Dear parents!

I am extremely pleased to welcome you all to this beautiful August morning on the Znanie Square. Beautiful morning not only from the bright rays of the sun, but also from your sincere smiles.

Exactly! I am sure that everyone who has joined our holiday feels joy. The freshmen and their parents are glad that the exhausting marathon of the EIT and the admission campaign is already behind and you can quietly breathe for a moment - a profession and a university where professional knowledge is acquired. The teachers are glad to meet the freshmen and sincerely hope that this year's refinement will definitely be better, more inquisitive, aspiring to studying.

As rector of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, I want to share your joy, dear participants of the holiday, and, first of all, to address you, dear freshmen, and to you, dear parents, and to assure you: you made the right choice by choosing our high school, and the staff of MAUP , in turn, will do everything to ensure that you can be sure of this and proud in the future that you have the diploma of the Academy!

For the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management is the largest and, most importantly, the best non-state higher educational institution of education in Ukraine, and I would like to state with pride that in this academic year about fifteen thousand students from 38 countries will study at the Academy!

The teaching process in our university is provided by 58 full-time Doctors of Sciences and 350 full-time Ph.D.

Currently, the IAPM structure has:

Presidential University
All-Ukrainian University
International Open University
Distance education faculties for Ukrainian and foreign citizens
Institute of International Education
International Library Information Center
And I want to inform: our friendly Maupublic family of this school year will celebrate the anniversary - 30 years since its foundation. And over these 30 years the Academy has trained over 212 thousand people who have become people's deputies, prominent scholars, successful entrepreneurs, well-known public figures, high-ranking officials. "

Congratulations to the audience also addressed the chairman of the Kyiv City Association of All-Ukrainian Society "Prosvita named after T. Shevchenko", Honored Artist of Ukraine, violinist, composer, cultural scientist Cyril Stetsenko.

The symbolic student card for the first-year students was presented by the Honorary Rector of the IAPM Mykola Anufriyev and the Director of the Economic and Law Technical College at IAUP Ekaterina Chorna.

Then the freshmen received a song greetings from the student of the Educational-scientific institute of law Ilona Kushnir, pupils of the NVI International Lyceum IAUP, and the musicians of the orchestra played popular melodies.

After many years of tradition, after the end of the lineup, a lecture "We are Ukrainians" was held at the Ukraine Concert Hall. This year, she was read by an honorary guest of the feast, Kyrylo Stetsenko.

The celebration of the Knowledge Day ended with a student's flashmob.

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