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The attestation of civil servants: a component of success

02 October 2017 15:55

In the Danube branch of the PJSC Higher Educational Institution IAPM, an attestation on the fluency of the state language of persons applying for admission to the civil service is organized.

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 301 dated April 24, 2017, a certification committee was set up at the Danube branch of PJSC Higher Educational Institution IAPM, a schedule of attestation sessions was determined and published. The structure of the exam in accordance with the standard of the Ukrainian language for civil servants includes oral and written blocks: a report on a given topic and test assignments.

The last session was held on September 20th. 27 persons registered for certification. The exam passed in an academic atmosphere. The test results were announced immediately after the certification.

According to members of the Attestation Commission, the components of the success of the organization of the event are orientation towards the participant, openness and transparency, integrity and public trust.


Diana Kaliga, third-year student of the Danube branch of PJSC Higher Educational Institution IAPM

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