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Will a gifted child come to study at IAPM?

15 March 2019 16:23

"This is the reality of the present, it is, indeed, yes," said Professor of the Danubian branch T. R. Gumnikova director in her speech at the conference "Socialization of gifted high schoolers", which took place on March 12, 2019, in the specialized secondary school № 1 of the І-ІІІ degree named after them. O. V. Suvorov with in-depth study of the English language of Izmail.

In the Danubian branch of IAPM there are very interesting specialties and educational and professional programs. Only a gifted high school student can become a student of IAPM! Only gifted can learn such modern educational and professional programs as "International Economics and Finance", "International Monetary and Credit and Financial Relations", where proficiency in foreign language foreign is essential.

Only a child with mathematical giftedness can study at IAPM educational programs "Blocchine and Applied Software", "Computer Games and Application Software".

We believe that children which are talented in the communicative sphere and have leadership qualities can come to IAPM on difficult, but financially attractive specialties: "Advocacy", "Notarial activity", "Detective activity".

In the course of the conference, new ideas and projects with teachers of the specialized secondary school №1 O. Protsenko, M. Moskalyuk, Y. Goncharova, S. Sidova and others appeared. We expect their implementation!

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