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Open Day - the opportunity to receive higher education with a discount!

22 July 2018 17:13

Higher education is the key to a successful future. To have a prestigious profession, an interesting job, to earn well without higher education is impossible. On July 21, an Open Day took place at the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. Applicants with parents came to the Academy to get acquainted with the teachers and see the equipment of the educational institution.

Applicants provided comprehensive information on the rules of admission to higher education, the content and forms of training of specialists, characteristics of directions, specialties and specializations. It is possible to receive education in the Academy not only in-home, but also in absentia and distantly. Access to IAPM is possible without extras.

Well-groomed and clean green area of the educational institution can not but admire the eye. Here you can see the busts of outstanding people from the past - scientists, philosophers, sociologists, thinkers.

All those who visited the Open Doors Day received a discount of 20%.

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