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Ten years of successful cooperation of Khmelnytsky Institute of IAPM with the Ukrainian Center for the Assessment of the Quality of Education

01 July 2017 10:12

On July 12, external independent evaluation (ZNO) is completed.

Tests are all those who in autumn see themselves as first-year students. Already ten years the graduates of schools of Ukraine, wishing to continue their education in higher educational institutions (HIGH SCHOOLS), pass an external independent evaluation (ZNO). With the help of UPE, the level of their knowledge is determined and whether it is sufficient for training at the university. The main goal of introducing external independent evaluation in Ukraine is to ensure objectivity in evaluating the knowledge of graduates, creating the conditions under which the level of the applicant's knowledge will be able to determine the possibility of admission to the university.

In 2008, the passage of external independent assessment was a prerequisite for admission to the university. The testing was conducted in the Ukrainian language and literature, the history of Ukraine, world history, foreign literature, chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, the foundations of law, geography and the fundamentals of the economy.

External independent assessment of knowledge on the basis of the Institute and College has been taking place since 2008, we have two testing points. In 2017, the regular regular session of the UPE was held and from July 3, an additional session of the VNO-2017 begins.

Also, the Institute has been operating for eight years now the registration point for individuals wishing to undergo external independent evaluation and is undergoing trial testing.

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