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Associate Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and Theology made a liturgical text

14 May 2018 14:48

May 12, with the blessing of On the Blessed Blessed Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine, and on the invitation of the deanery temples of the Savarsky district of the Baltic Diocese Archpriest Mikhail Fedun, archpriest Dimitry Garchuk, assistant professor of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy and theology department of the IAPM, secretary of the Liturgical Commission of the Kyiv diocese of the UOC, rector of the temple in honor of Jerusalem the icons of the Mother of God took part in the bishopric worship at the Transfiguration Church of the Holy Transfiguration Church in the village of Oshchyka, Savransky district of the Odessa region. 

The service was headed by the Head of the Baltic Diocese, His Eminence Alexei, Archbishop of Baltsky and Ananievsky.

Here is the icon of the Mother of God Osichanskaya, which became famous as a miraculous 1848. Then the head of the military settlements, Colonel Mikhail Petrovich Zverev, ordered to destroy the clay church of the Transfiguration and transfer the image to the village of Savran. The icon was returned to Osichka, because a serious illness - blindness - was sent to the official. This was a sign from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Before returning the icon to the village of Osichka, at the request of Colonel Zverev, a prayer service was given to the Mother of God, the dignitor perceived and gave a vow to build a new temple, the bookmark of which was completed in 1848, and consecrated in 1851.

In front of the image pray for the gift of sight.

In the 60s of the twentieth century Communists destroyed the temple. Local villagers took care of the shrine. In 2008, an exact copy of the icon was written.

For the first time during the years of independence of our state, on this historic day after the Divine Liturgy, before the holy Ukrainian people, the prayer was read to the bishop, because in the godless times the icon disappeared.

Archpriest Dimitri Garchuk presented the text of the Akathist written in the Church Slavonic language in a verse form glorifying the Mother of God and her intercession in the miraculous image of Osichanskaya, for the sake of the future liturgical use of the UOC.

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