Traveling by Chernihiv Region...

25 May 2018 15:48

On May 23, students and staff of the Academy visited the protected areas of Chernihiv. The program of the regional tour includes excursions to the National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Kachanivka", the dendrological park "Trostianets" and the Sokirinsky palace and park complex.

Listening to the emotional story of the guide of the reserve that were rich of facts of the, the tourists learned about the history of Kachanivka's origin, about the fate of the owners of the estate, in particular, Tarnovsky, Kharitonenky and others, examined the palace and park, St. George's Church, "romantic" ruins... The paths of the famous brainchild of Ivan Skoropadsky - arboretum "Trostyanets"- the travelers were conducted by the local ethnographer Rostislav Malyarenko. And the excursion from the private museum, whose subjects of exposition are closely linked with the history of the kind of the founder of the park, with the history of the area, began. In the village of Sokiryntsi, tourists had the opportunity to admire the palace and park, which once belonged to the family of landlords Galaganov.

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