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A roundtable "Interpersonal relations of academic group students"

19 November 2019 13:57

The scientific meeting was attended by students, teachers, and psychologists-practitioners of Chernihiv. The participants of the round table were greeted by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Suvorov SG, who wished everyone new achievements, creative constructive ideas, fruitful work for the further development of the profession.

The topic of interpersonal relations was and still is quite relevant because every person in society is in close interaction with other people, occupies a certain position, plays a social role.

At the beginning of the event it was revealed that it is a student's academic group and under what circumstances it is transformed into a collective, which is the center of formation of students' interpersonal relations.

During the discussion, the issues of formal and informal relationships were raised, the basic signs of leadership were revealed, the nature of sympathies and dislikes in the group was determined.

An important point at which the speakers drew attention is the topic of interpersonal communication within the group, as the modern person is increasingly adjusting to online communication and less and less time devoted to personal communication. The report on gender inequality in society as a whole and in the student community in particular aroused great interest in the audience.

The issue of social and psychological adaptation in the new environment was also relevant for the first-year students. The difficulties arising in the process of adaptation were listed, the reasons for the students' disadaptation were considered, the essence of the "I-concept" was revealed.

Considerable resonance among the attendees caused a report regarding the bullying in the student collective, as recently this problem has become global.

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