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14 September 2018 12:53

On September 13, best students from IAPM Institute of Management, Economics and Finance, the Department of Economics and Management was invited as participants to UKRINFORM at the official opening ceremony of the unique European business project, the portal of new opportunities - 4biz2.biz, which served as the head of the Department of Economics and Enterprise Management, Doctor of Economics, Professor Safonova Vera Evgenievna, a business analyst, independent expert.

The innovative business project presented the young bachelors of business with all the opportunities for career and creative growth, showing that entrepreneurs are agents of development and their future depends on them.

Students were able to talk personally with the Chairman of the Board of Progress Holding Sp z o.o Bohdan Adamovich (Poland), Yuri Kostoglodov, ICOM Capital Managing Partner, and business leaders from leading Polish companies.

Students of 3 and 4 years of specialization "Economics and Business Management" and "Economics and Enterprise Management" share their impressions about participation in the event:

  • student of the group M-9-15-B1UB (4.0d) Bistra Evgeniya: "I was pleased to feel in a joint team with entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses. In this environment, I see that I have something to work with, especially on the question of clearly setting goals and ways to achieve them, the ability to plan my business and actually see the predictable results when they are achieved. I really want to be useful to my country and just for people";
  • student of the group M-9-16-B1UB (4.0d) Amagov Said: "For me the participation in the project opening is enormous experience, a window into the world of great perspectives and innovative views on traditional branches. This event will allow me to develop professionally, and we will go from here with luggage of additional knowledge";
  • student of the group M-9-15-B1UB (4.0d) Marchenkov Maxim: "The event was very useful for me and allowed me to give an incentive to open my own business, to form a new vision of common ideas";
  • student of the group M-9-16-B1UB (4.0d) Dokudze Nika: "For me participation in such a large event is a serious incentive for professional development; this is an opportunity to get an impetus for research activity in the graduate school of IAPM, to get acquainted with various achievements in in this area, and therefore, to enrich your horizons and expand the circle of communication";
  • student of group М-9-16 Б2 УП (3.0d) Oleksandr Pavlenko: "For me as a person who is educated in the specialty 'Economics and Business Management' the participation in this event is very important. I got a lot of needed information that will help me in the future. I sincerely glad that I took part in it".

We would like to express the special gratitude to the Head of the Department of Economics and Management of Enterprise Safonov Vera Yevhenivna and to the leadership of the Institute Feshchenko Olena Leonidivna for the possibility of personal and professional growth.

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