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"Autumn World of Miracles" in IAPM

29 September 2017 17:12

September 28 in the conference hall of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, an exhibition of flower compositions and products made of natural materials "Autumn World of Wonders", dedicated to the Day of Education Workers.

The pro-rector for scientific and educational work of the IAPM Nikolai Golovaty opened the exhibition and congratulated the presents of the occasion.

- The first day of October is the Day of Educators. There is no man on earth who does not study, did not receive knowledge. Practically every person studies all his life. Therefore, we traditionally hold the "Autumn World of Wonders" Academy, an event dedicated to the Day of Educators, "said the pro-rector.

Nikolai Holovaty noted the uniqueness of creative, gifted people.

The exhibition featured the work of students of the Presidential University, Economic and Legal College at IAPM and pupils of the educational and educational complex "International Lyceum of IAPM".

Participants showed creative works from the gifts of autumn - chestnuts, acorns, colorful autumn leaves and vegetables.

The symbol of the exhibition was the first-year student of the Advertising Institute Elena Khrul in the Autumn costume. The beauty dress was decorated with colorful leaves.

The exhibition enjoyed extraordinary demand two self-locations with poetic names "Autumn Coziness" and "Colorful Autumn". The first was created by students of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Management, Economics and Finance, the second - the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences.

You could also look at the work of young participants - students of the International Lyceum IAPM. The heroes of the children's works were the characters of favorite cartoons and fairy tales - Smeshariki, Green Roger, Tianitkolai and others.

At the end of the event, all participants received thanks for their active participation in the exhibition "Autumn World of Miracles".

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