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Proforientation work at the Odessa Institute

12 November 2019 08:47

Members of Odesa Institute Student Orientation Group conducted career guidance in the cities and villages of the Odessa region. The student paratrooper attended 10-11 grade schools and spoke about the Academy and the Institute by handing out flyers. 1st year students Tetiana Rychak, Victoria Tomchenko, Inna Kotushevska presented the Academy at the Plakhtyevsky school №2 of the Sarat district, at Karolino-Bugaz school №1 of Ovidiopolsky district, at Bilyaev school №3. 2nd year students Olena Demyanova, Maria Tarasova and others also visited Bilyayivka and Belgorod-Dnistrovsky.

We are waiting for the entrants!

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