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Cooperation of the scientific library with students and teachers of the Odessa Institute of MAUP

10 July 2017 10:16

Despite the vacation campaign and student holidays, the Odessa Institute of MAUP hosted a regular meeting with the representative of the Odessa National Scientific Library (better known for the former name - the name of N. Gorky).

Odessa National Scientific Library is the first public library of Ukraine, the opening of which marked the beginning of public libraries in the provincial and provincial cities of tsarist Russia and Ukraine. The opening of the library was made possible thanks to the initiative of a circle of persons close to the governor-general of the count N.S. Vorontsov, in particular Alexei Irakleevich Levshin - editor of the newspaper "Odessa Gazette" (mayor of Odessa in 1831-1837). On September 13 (25), 1829, on the recommendation of Count Vorontsov, Emperor Nicholas I issued a decree that allowed the founding of a public library in Odessa. This was the second in the Russian Empire (after the Imperial in St. Petersburg) i the first public library in Ukraine.

The Odessa National Science Library is a universal fund with about 5 million documents in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, German, Polish, Czech and other languages, including over 200,000 manuscripts, old printed books, rare and valuable publications. The composition and content of ONNB funds disclose catalogs and file cabinets created both in traditional card form and in electronic form. Teachers and students of the Odessa Institute of IAPM are frequent guests of the library. But library workers often visit the institute.

On July 6, 2017, the Odessa Institute hosted a presentation of the novelties of the Book of Textbooks and teaching aids in accordance with the specialties for which the IAPM prepares bachelors. The presentation was attended by Director of the OI of IAPM Professor Karakasidi A.F., Deputy Director of Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Chair of Kramskoy S.A., teachers of various departments, librarian of the Institute and students.

The representative of the scientific library answered the questions of the students and teachers of the institute, after which the training was held on the use of the new electronic catalog of the library.

In the conditions of the information society, the training of a modern specialist is impossible without the study of sources in libraries. The scientific library is waiting for all those who need to prepare for the exam, a seminar, write a term paper, a thesis, a scientific article.

                                 Elena Zolotareva

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