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The students of the Academy became participants of the regional eco-excursion

07 June 2017 19:52

May 31, 2017, students and staff of the Academy became participants in an exciting regional study eco-excursion. Traveling Cherkassy and Kiev regions, excursionists visited picturesque, interesting, in many ways unique places.

Granitsky Butskiy Canyon on the Gorny Tikich River, which is included in the list of the hundred most beautiful places in Ukraine. Zhashkivsky stud farm, where horses of the Westphalian breed are grown, which is so appreciated in equestrian sports competitions. Tourists listened to a meaningful story about the secrets of breeding, keeping, training and training of these graceful animals, went through stables, sites where competitions and international auctions were held.

And in the program of the trip included visiting and excursion of the Biopark "Golden Pheasant". In the park you can not only have a good rest, but also get acquainted with the rich collection of animals and birds that live in spacious enclosures and swim at bets, and some of them, such as peacocks, walk freely along the paths and lawns of the park next to visitors .

In Kiev, the excursionists returned full of pleasant impressions and new knowledge.

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