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Студенти Академії відкрили для себе незвідану Черкащину (English)

01 June 2018 18:21

Entering the territory of Cherkassy region, be sure to pay attention to the banner that "welcomes" travellers in the land and Bohdan and Taras. Indeed - for Cherkasy region Ukrainians are associated with these outstanding figures. However, the purpose of the tour, which visited May 31, students and staff of the Academy - discover new trails local history.

The first stop is the Zhashkiv Equestrian Sports Complex. During the tour, you could learn about the secrets of breeding and keeping horses of the Westphalian breed, to admire the grace and animals, and athletes-hikers, with pleasure to observe how the youngsters are squeezing in spacious squads, and even stroke the best representatives of the breed. The only thing that was categorically prohibited is to feed animals.

About the history of the village of Buki and the canyon of the same name, the ecological problems of the locals were told by the native of the village, the teacher of one of the Uman universities. A hike to the Vyr waterfall, the rocks of Rodionov, "picturesque" ruins of the country's first hydroelectric power station in the country, fabulous landscapes of the "Ukrainian fjords" filled with a treasure trove of knowledge and bright impressions of the MAUP ethnographers.

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