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Students of the IAPM Chernihiv Institute congratulated the veteran of the Second World War

10 May 2018 15:59

On Memorial and Reconciliation Day, May 08, 2018, students of the Chernigiv Institute of the IAPM commemorated the fallen soldiers in the Second World War, laying flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Glory Memorial.

Also they greeted a respectable person, veteran, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Peter Artemovich Bondarev. In his sincere story, he shared memories of his childhood, adolescence, told about the terrible horrors of war, the death of people who became close, called young people to study well, to be worthy of citizens of their state.

For young people, the memories of the direct participants in the Second World War are very important today, their personal view of the events of this war and the feelings that become more pronounced over the years.

These people are a wonderful example for us to love life and our people. They are an example of genuine courage! Slowly worship them for their feat!

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