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Holiday "Debut of the first-year student" was celebrated at the IAUP

22 September 2017 17:26

On September 21, The first-year student Day has taken place in the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. The celebration was placed in a recreation camp in Puscha-Vodice. The festival was attended by students of the Economics and Law Technical College at MAUP, the Institute of Advertising, the Institute of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, the Educational and Scientific Institute of Law of Prince Volodymyr the Great, the Desnian Institute and the Desnian Economic and Law College at AIDP, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Computer and Information Technologies. Celebrations started from the meeting.

The pro-rector on scientific and educational work Mykola Fedorovich Holovaty addressed to the students with words of greetings:

- To study is pleasant when you want to go to an educational institution, when you want to go to friends, with whom you study and communicate together. And we believe that what we do with you is not just getting a specialty in order to live and secure yourself and your children then you have to learn to live in a team. We need to learn to communicate in a team in which we will have to spend four, five or six years. Students from more than 30 countries of the world study at the Academy, and all of them need to learn how to find a common language.

The headings read the Code of Honor MAUP from the scene. The principles of the Code of Honor are the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine and the traditional norms of morality of the Ukrainian people. The AIDP student should be decent, have a clear idea of ​​moral values, have a high level of communication culture.

After that, the students performed the Hymn of the Academy in a friendly manner. At this celebration ended and the championship began for the Academy's championship. In addition, students had the opportunity to play in outdoor games: football, badminton, volleyball. At this time on the stage there was a concert "Debut of the freshman", where creative young people demonstrated their talents: singing, dancing and performing funny productions. The concert was started by the youngest participants - the freshman of the Economics and Law Technical College. All the speakers tore off the ovation.

After sports and concerts, students starved and went to eat delicious porridge to become true classmates.

Congratulations to our freshmen with dedication and wish you interesting, rich and unforgettable student years!


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