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The Week of Ukrainian Writing and Language began in Khmelnytskyi Institute

08 November 2018 14:22

On November 6, 2018, a scientific meeting in the Khmelnytsky Institute of IAPM was held in the format of the round table "Ukrainian Language and Nation: Prospects for Development in the Period of Globalization Processes" (to the 180th anniversary of the death of the Ukrainian writer I. Kotlyarevsky, 220th anniversary of the publication of the first three parts of the poem "Aeneid" in the year 1798, St. Petersburg) ", which raised language problems: the civilization and cultural development of Ukraine in the context of modern globalization processes; Ukrainian language in the modern information space; regulatory documents on language policy in Ukraine at the present stage; the state language policy in the field of education of Ukraine; formation of the spiritual culture of the individual through the mentality and language of the Ukrainian people; the linguistic environment of students and students: the challenges of our time; I. Kotlyarevsky - Ukrainian writer, playwrighter, the founder of the new Ukrainian literature; "Aeneid" - the first work of the new Ukrainian literature, written in the folk language; "Aeneid" as an Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Studies; Ivan Kotlyarevsky's dramatic work etc.

At the scientific event were present: representatives of state and public institutions; Scientists from different regions of Ukraine (Krasyliv, Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytsky, Sumy, Kiev); teachers and students of All-Ukrainian University Higher Educational Institutions «IAPM», Khmelnytskyi Economics and Law College and IAPM Institute, Kamenets-Podolsky National University named after Ivan Ogienko, Khmelnytsky Financial and Economic College of Khmelnytskyi Economic University, Khmelnytsky Trade and Economic College of Kyiv National Trade-Economic University, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University; Teacher of Khmelnytsky educational complex № 4; Teachers and students of Khmelnytskyi, and others.

The scientific meeting began with the greetings of the director of the Khmelnitsky Institute of IAPM Bily Leonid Grigorovich. In the speech L. Bily highlighted the role of the native language in the formation and formation of the individual. He stressed that without linguistic communication with the people there is no full national-spiritual life and expression of personality.

With greetings, they smeared: V. Smotritel, the leader and actor of the Khmelnytskyi mono-theater "Kut", Honored Artist of Ukraine; O. Likhoyodiy, Podolsk poetess, member of Khmelnytsky City Literary Union "Podillya", public figure. Olga Zakharovna recited her poetry about her language.

At the round table, the participants raised up-to-date language problems. Teachers of the Khmelnytsky Educational Complex No.4 spoke about the linguistic environment as a factor influencing the linguistic consciousness of Ukrainian youth. Presenters were academics, teachers and teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature, applicants for higher education in higher education institutions and students of institutions of general secondary education.

The students mentally and emotionally recited poetry about their mother tongue.

The memory of the founder of the new Ukrainian literature, I. Kotlyarevsky (180th anniversary from the day of the death of the Ukrainian writer I. Kotlyarevsky, 220th anniversary since the publication of the first three parts of the poem "Aeneid" since the publication of the letter (1798, Petersburg)). The biographies of I. Kotlyarevsky, as well as his dramatic creativity, are presented to the speakers of the scientific meeting. A short film about I. Kotlyarevsky has been screened. Students of higher education of the Khmelnytskyi Economics and Law College and the Institute of IAPM (Bakula Victoria, Rudenko Alina) did an inspiration for the excerpt from the play "Natalka Poltavka".

During the scientific session, book-illustrating exhibitions were held: "Where the native language lives, Ukrainian people live" (Khmelnytsky Regional Universal Scientific Library); "Mother tongue is our wealth" (Library and Information Department of Khmelnytsky Institute of IAPM).

Before the start of the round table, the eleventh issue of the collection of scientific works "Ukrainian Language and Nation" was published. Each participant of the scientific event received a program and a collection of materials.

In conclusion, the director of the Khmelnytsky Institute of IAPM L. Bily and thanked everyone for their fruitful work came out with the final word about the national role of the speech.

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