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In Khmelnytskyi institute and college there was a solemn presentation of diplomas!

02 July 2018 16:53

On June 27, 2018, the solemn awarding of diplomas to graduates of the Institute and College took place. On this day, diplomas were awarded to bachelors of law, psychology, finance, human resources management and junior law and finance. Also, graduates of the College were awarded certificates of complete secondary education.

The graduates were welcomed to the holiday with their parents, teachers, secretary of the Khmelnytsky Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Alexander Datsyuk, director of the State Archives of Khmelnytskyi region Baidych Volodymyr Grigorievich, director of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Samchiki" Pavimine Bohdan Oleksandrovich, head of the Khmelnytsky branch of PJSC "Commercial Industrial Bank "Gap Yevgeny Ivanovich, Director of the Khmelnytsky City Center for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth Lyubetskaya Maryana Nikolaev A deputy director of the regional center of free secondary legal aid in the Khmelnitsky region Varfolomeeva Elena, Head of the State examination commissions and others.

With words to the graduates, the director of the Institute asked White Leonid Grigorovich:

- Do not forget that you have learned to give the mind and heart to people. Dear our graduates, for our Academy you have become a part of a unique history, very exciting and memorable. Your teachers, who have created a wonderful country for you, will keep you warm memories of you, and take care of your next fate.

Also, Leonid Grigorovich invited graduates for further study.

And finally, the teachers of the Department of Ukrainian Orthodoxy and Theology bless the graduates in a good way!

More about the issue - in the programme.

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