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Khmelnitsky Institute hosted a roundtable "Common plans is a pledge of the future"

26 November 2019 17:32

November 26, a specialist in youth work at the Youth Center, Marina Shkrob, came to the Khmelnytsky Institute.

With the assistance of the institute and college student councils, a roundtable "Common plans is a pledge of the future" was held in order to attract active student youth into the life of the city.

As part of the event, Marina spoke about the activities of the Youth Center, listened to students' ideas. Together, they worked out joint plans.

Students were offered directions of work with the Youth Center:

  1. national-patriotic;
  2. cultural mass;
  3. inclusive;
  4. ecology;
  5. non-formal education;
  6. volunteering.

The participants of the roundtable also took an active part in the quiz and received a tasty gifts for the right answer.

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