The IAPM consecrated water

22 January 2018 17:04

Every year on January 19, all believers of the Orthodox world are immersed in the holes and baptized with water, which is considered healing this day.
The baptism of the Lord is also called Epiphany, because during the baptism of Jesus Christ, God appeared to all mankind.

Baptized water is a great sanctuary that has a special life-giving and healing power and should be in the home of every Orthodox Christian.

On this day and in the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management near the chapel in honor of St. George the Viceroy solemnly sanctified water. The leaders, students, teachers and workers of the Academy - all gathered at lunch beside the chapel to join the traditions of the Orthodox world.

The prayer service was conducted by the director of the Spiritual and Educational Center of the Holy Apostles MAPM Archpriest Dionysius Martyshyn:

"Today, we pray that the Lord will give us this joy, a sense of inspiration and renewal, with this holy water, a feeling that we can overcome all the obstacles that are on our way of life." We will pray that God will give us a sense of enlightenment and spirituality of our being. May God always be blessed with you!

Dionysius Martyshyn wished the Academy and its employees prosperity and added:

- God does not contradict, but gives us integrity. When we give both the spiritual, the secular and the professional activities to God, God gives us his grace.

The priest told everyone about the traditions of this holiday, as well as what can be done on this day, and what is not. Yes, you can not work on the farm, but it's better to devote this day to communicating with the Lord. But about the immersion in the hole, the priest explained that this is a folk tradition.

- We must remember that the main thing - do not immerse themselves in the water, and immerse themselves in the grace of the Lord, love, mercy.

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