Competitions took place at IAPM

08 December 2017 15:49

The intense volleyball tournament among students of IAPM continued for two days - December 6 and 7. Teams took the following places:

the first is the team of the Educational and Research Institute of Law;

the second is the team № 1 of the Economic and Law Technical College at IAPM;

the third - the team № 2 of the Economic and legal technical school at IAPM;

the fourth is purely a women's team of the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences;

the fifth - the team of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Management, Economics and Finance;

sixth - the team of the Institute of Advertising;

the seventh - an international team of hostels.

Svitlana Yakivna Kumskova, the organizer of sports and mass work and physical education, noted that the team that won the first place received a cup. All team members also received certificates. The letters were also given to the team members who took second place.

Such sporting events, according to Svetlana Yakovlevna, develop students' communicative, agility, thirst for victory and help maintain team spirit.

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