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IAPM held a meeting of the scientific circle "Actual problems of international relations"

06 December 2017 16:08

November 23, 2017 in the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences at the Department of International Relations and Public Communications a meeting of the student scientific circle "Actual problems of international relations."

At the meeting, the students-participants of the circle made presentations on the topic "Problems of unresolved conflicts in international relations", where they considered issues related to the present and the past of Ukraine's military and political conflicts; determined the impact of these events on international relations of our time.

In their speeches, the members of the circle conducted a comprehensive analysis of the topic, carried out a comparative analysis of individual international and intra-state conflicts.

The urgency of the topic provoked its rapid discussion among all the participants of the circle.

Together with the students, the lecturers of the chair took part in the meeting: Ph.D., Assoc. Borinskaya AL and Ph.D., Assoc. Maslovskaya, OM

Theses of students' speeches at the meeting of the circle are planned to be published in the collection of scientific works of the Academy.

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