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The Day of Science was held at Severodonetsk Institute of IAPM

23 May 2018 15:54

The Day of Science at the Severodonetsk Institute of IAPM was celebrated by the holding of the XVII Scientific and Practical Conference "Society and the State". Its participants were scholars, teachers, post-graduate students and students of higher educational institutions of the region and other regions of Ukraine. Among the topical issues discussed during the conference were the issues of legal regulation of the Ukrainian judicial system at the present stage, the application of the European Court of Human Rights in the criminalization process, the problems of the development of economic education in the conditions of European integration, the application of humanitarian law in conditions of armed conflict in the Donbas. The audience was also attracted by reports on financial control for civic activists, reforming education in Ukrainian schools, and fostering femininity in the modern society.

Honorary guests of the event were Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine Rudenko Nikolay Vasilievich and Doctor of Economics, associate professor Klyus Julia Igorivna. All participants of the conference were presented with certificates at the end of the conference.

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