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"Vyshyvanka is a national shrine"

18 May 2017 21:05

May 18, 2017 students and teachers of the Danube branch of IAPM marked the International Day of Embroidery. On this festive spring May day, teachers and students put on national embroidered shirts, decorating themselves with elements of national costumes. At the changes, teachers and students sang Ukrainian songs with pleasure, took photos for memory, conducted dance flashmobs.

As the experience of the celebration showed, people on Vyshyvanka Day are always exalted and smiling, because in ancient clothes many symbols of strength, well-being, beauty and amulets are encoded.

And in the reading room of the library - branch No. 4 of the Centralized Library System for Adults, a creative meeting was held with the famous master Grigoryeva Nina Grigoryevna with the 1st year students of IAPM and the presentation of the exhibition of creative works of the needlework club "Fantasy" "Vyshyvanka is a national shrine".

Interesting for young readers was the fact that for the first time the Embroidery Day was offered to celebrate one of the students of the Faculty of History of the Chernivtsi National University in 2006. And today this holiday has acquired international dimensions.

A story about the history of embroidery and the traditions of needlework of different regions of Ukraine was illustrated by slides and colorful video materials.

It turns out that the history of embroidery on the territory of Ukraine has more than one thousand years. Particular importance has acquired in the last few centuries. Mostly, embroidered girls. Before the wedding, they prepared a special box, in which they collected the dowry for years.

According to the legend, a mother or grandmother had to embroider a shirt for a baby. During the fine work, the masters sang songs and prayed. Believed that so the shirt becomes an amulet. Shirts for women were spun only from hemp or flax. It was believed that these plants protect the future mother and her unborn baby.

In embroidery, everything has a sacred meaning - from threads, the origin of the fabric to the ornament, the number of stitches and color. The most ancient is white embroidery on white. But the needlework was preceded by a long procedure. The threads were bleached for 3 years.

Then the presentation of the exhibition of creative works of the needlework club "Fantasy" was held. The decoration of the exposition is national symbols - embroidered shirts (shirts: women's, men's and children's) and Ukrainian amulets - embroidered towels Vasilenko SE, Grigorieva N., executed by various techniques using patterns of different regions of Ukraine.

The exhibition also featured works by Nina Grigoryevna Grigoryeva paintings embroidered with the cross "Girl Day", "Girl-night", "Spring Inspiration", "Firebird", "Mill", "Irises", "Thistle."

Interesting and informative for the invited guests was the story craftsmen about the features of embroidery of the southern region of Ukraine, the sacredness of Ukrainian amulets.

Nina Grigoryevna held a master class on various embroidery techniques for female students wishing to improve their skills. By the end of the meeting the girls were carried away by the idea of ​​their own embroidered shirt taking into account local peculiarities.

Everyone liked academic communication in embroidered shirts!


                                       Tatiana Staneva

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