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Congratulations to Olexiy Goncharuk on his appointment to the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine!

02 September 2019 17:34

On August 29, at the Verkhovna Rada session, Oleksiy Goncharuk was appointed the new Prime Minister of Ukraine. 

We would like to congratulate Oleksiy Valeriyovich on the appointment to this responsible position and to wish his inexhaustible strength, inspiration, perseverance and productive work with the new team. We are sure that your progressive views and professional experience will help you achieve strong results that will positively impact both the whole country and its every citizen. We wish the new Prime Minister great achievements and Ukraine to become the brightest star on the flag of the European Community!

IAPM is proud that for the second time in the history of independent Ukraine, the Academy's graduate becomes the Prime Minister of our country: Volodymyr Groysman - a graduate of the Vinnytsia Institute of the IAPM, Oleksiy Goncharuk - a graduate of Prince Volodymyr the Great Law Institute. We are sure that Olexiy's knowledge will help him in the effective implementation of his authority.

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