Meeting with a notary

14 May 2019 11:19

The logic of building classes in the special course "Legal Interviewing and Counseling", the choice of topics in the complex reflects the basic skills of a lawyer and at the same time simulates his professional behavior, algorithm of his actions, the most common forms of work with typical categories of cases.

Thus, students have the opportunity to learn the theoretical material put forward by a teacher Shchokina V. V. in an accessible form, which takes the form of interactive seminars (practical classes).

Studying this discipline does not involve reading lectures. This seems to be entirely rightful, because the formation of skills means the development of certain algorithms of actions and models of professional behavior that can not be mastered in theory, but can be reproduced in simulation mode.

We learned a lot of interesting methods of reception of clients during a conversation with the lawyer Shcherbakov S. Yu.

A great impression was made on us by the experienced notary T. Yefimova about one of the effective legal mechanisms for ensuring the protection of property rights and related non-property rights by specific, only by his own methods - the notary. We had an opportunity to get acquainted with the organization of the activities and powers of the notary bodies of Ukraine; procedural procedure for the commission of their individual notarial acts. Tеtyana Ivanivna has a rich practical experience in notarial work. The conversation and observation of her work have aroused our respect and admiration.

Such meetings help to convince you of the right choice of profession, cause the desire to become a good, authoritative specialist.

Georgiy Dimov, student of the second year of group 9-17 B1P

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